02 Apr
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I have been suffering from some kind of anxiety( i guess) since the past 5 years. It all started with a panic attack and that incident has filled my mind with fear and negativity so much that they nowadays come to me quite regularly and disturb me so much. I used to be someone emotionally strong and optimistic about everything but that one incident has changed me so much and till now i have not been able to come out of it. I have been very optimistic all these years that i will be completely okay again and sometimes I feel like I am very near to getting rid of all these but sometimes I am back engrossed so much into negativity. I feel like I may lose my mind and the biggest trouble is that i am unable to convince my mind that everything is alright and it is just thoughts. Rather my mind takes over me. I want to get my life back, my concentration and emotional strength back. Sometimes i also feel like I am getting trapped in unnecessary thoughts so much that I am unable to come out to reality. Please suggest me something. 

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Apr 03, 2016 01:08 AM

    Dear, it seems that you are suffering so much, your life seems not easy and no pleasant enough as a result of the anxiety you have, and I simply can understand the bitterness of your feelings. However, I know that every person is a unique one and has many positive and strong aspects and characteristics in his personality. The symptoms that you are suffering from being typically as a result of the anxiety and panic attacks that you are suffering from.  All of these situations and others can trigger a panic attack. Therefore, you have to use a combination of different methods of interventions to overcome and to cope with this situation for example. Firstly, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), is generally considered as the most effective form of treatment for panic attacks. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the thinking patterns and behaviors that are sustaining the panic attacks. It helps you to see your fears in a more realistic way. Secondly, Exposure therapy for treatment of panic attacks, in this type of treatment you are exposed to the physical sensations of panic in a safe and controlled environment, giving you the opportunity to learn healthier ways of coping. Thirdly, Medication treatment for panic attacks which must be taken under the observation of a psychiatrist. Lastly, you can use some tips to help yourself, such as, Learn about panic attacks, simply knowing more about panic can go a long way towards relieving your distress. Practice relaxation techniques, use a positive self-talk such as I am strong enough to overcome this situation safely, trust your abilities, and practice some sport and exercises. Anyway, I recommend you to consult an online therapist for further help and instructions. In addition to the above mentioned points try your best, don’t be pessimistic of your case or your life. In the light of that, I strongly recommend you to follow the following steps in your daily life. Such as, try your best to work on your negative thoughts. Try to replace these negative thoughts with positive thoughts, such as I am strong person I have many strong points I can use them and rely on these strong points when needed. Try to occupy your time with productive activities. Take Care.