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05 Apr
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Dear sir!

my husband is a software professional (project manager). Though he is having much powers towards his team, he never shows that, he is very down to the earth.

According to my  knowledge he never shouted on any one  till now , but my nature is not like that i do get angry n i will react to the situation. He is soo cool minded, but it won't work in all the places right, i don't like this kind of attitude, many times i argued with him , but of no use. Because of this frustration i am becoming restless since i don't like anyone to comment my husband. The persons who r of having no weightage also comment on him, he never feels that it is shame. I am unable to digest this. pls help me how should i handle him or make him to react, pls suggest me what do i do, it is impacting our social life n  some times personnel life too . He is not dare to open his mouth/ raise his voice anywhere, i am feeling too bad, it is impacting my parenting too. 

                                                                                        Thanks a lot in advance.





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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Apr 05, 2016 08:52 PM

    Dear, it is very clear than there are individual differences among people, regarding their thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes. From the given information it seems that the problem is not related to your husband, it seems the problem is related to you personally. The attitude of your husband might be convenient to his work circumstances i.e. in the work place it is not compulsory to shout on people, to humiliate them, to be assault with them, this attitude most of the time leads to negative results and open dispute between manager and his subordinates. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to work and to change your thoughts about being harsh and tough with people.  Try your best to give your husband full trust and confidence to manage and to handle his business without bothering him by your personal opinion. I can understand your worries on your relationship with him because of the speech of other people. But, surly, there are other people whom say very good things about his capabilities to lead his team calmly and politely without any disputes or humiliations to them. I scare, if your husband change his attitude in his business, this might negatively impact him and might lead to many troubles in his business which might lead to his failure in his occupational career, which of course will lead to further life problems which is not exist between you these days. Take wise decision