Depression has become a part of my life.

19 May
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Hi, I am 21. I have had a bad break up from a relationship which, I do not know, whether I can acknowledge as a relation at all. But I know that I was serious, really serious. I could apprehend this day long time back when he was ignoring me; not receiving my calls; unwilling to meet me; treated me as if I was a stalker and he wanted to free himself. However, I ignored all the symptoms as wanted to give some more time to the relationship; may be he was not being able to realize his actual feelings for me....I thought may be there was still hope..........

I am still lingering with my hope, probably some day he will come back and confess that what he has done is wrong. He wants to be with me again.....Is this possible?

My days are passing off. I go to college, do my assignments, discuss with my best friend on my problems, well when I share my situation with her, I feel that I am not alone. But the moment I am back home, I am lonely once again. This task is getting very difficult; I have to constantly pretend in front of my parents that I am OK, no way can I reveal my distress for there will be no humiliation worser than this. I am already ashamed that I have not informed them about my relationship; many a times I have lied to them to go out of the house to meet him and now I am paid off like this! this is my fate, but I just can't accept it. I feel humiliated, disgusted, insulted; sometimes I am just hating myself for my foolery. Am I so stupid??? Am I blind that anyone can trick me??


Songs are my solace; I keep listening to the songs that have once given me joy (which I generally used to hear when I was in the relationship) and now the same songs break me into tears and I persist on that. Sometimes, I feel so tired that I cannot get up at all. Am I intentionally trying to hold on to my depressed mind???? what should I do or think so that I can completely forget this chapter of my life?? Is it so easy to forget an insult from someone you loved and cared for??

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  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 06, 2017 10:11 AM


       Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your plight situation. People will never know about the value of something until they lose it. It will be really a heart broken situation when our loved one ignores us. I can hereby suggest you something which may be helpful for you.

    1. Don’t over think :

         Just stay calm and don’t over think about your break up. That may cause you more depressed and in stress. Try to divert your mind from your depression like doing some yoga and meditations which will really help you to feel better.

    1. Try to be busy :

    Always try to do something which will make you busy always. So you can always engage with some work to forget your depression. It will be really hard when you start up but later you feel much better.

    1. Memories :

    Whatever we do, the most lovable memories can’t be deleted forever. But we can try to  put those in the recycle bin. So our system  work fast  without any interrupts and errors. And also don’t feel shamed and foolery. If you come across some hard situation, remember that life is going to teach you something valuable.

    Hope it helps you!!!

    Take Care :)

  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   May 20, 2016 05:33 AM

    Dear user, you are so young at the early beginning of your life, you seem shocked from this experience. I think you should be stronger and stable in front of these life experiences in the future. You are not the first or the only person pass and experience like this event. However, not all the persons feel this type of bitterness and frustration or become fragile so easy. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to go through these steps. Firstly, don’t underestimate your capabilities and strong points present in yourself. Talk with your lover frankly about his feelings toward you and whether he wants to continue this relationship with you or want to put an end to this relationship. In case you become aware of his real feelings toward you, if it is not satisfying you, try your best to be strong and trust yourself by talking positively to yourself that you have many amazing sides of your personality and you can find another person that you deserve. Don’t be upset and don’t behave in destructive ways and don’t think to do harm to yourself or to others. Try your best to occupy and use your time effectively by enjoying your time through recreational activities, e.g. sport, reading books, trips, visit friends, engage yourself in active social events...... and so on. Talk with trustworthy people around you to get their help and advice. Take care