I cannot control my weird passion for Technical gadgets; what can I do?

22 Jun
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I am a software developer. Since childhood, I have been in love with physics; any object would attract me, because I wanted to study its formation, its function and its algorithm. When I grew up, I entered into the world of computer science; however, my love more new technology, applied sciences remained, and now whatever, technical, unbelievable comes in the market, I am in awe of it. Recently, Microsoft is working on hololenses. And they are creating the world of virtual reality through computers, which are untouched, just realized; its an awesome idea. But the problem is, I want to possess it, to know more about it. This happens for many products, which might be practically useless in our regular lives, and are also very expensive, but I cannot control the luring, the passion towards them. Sometimes, I start wondering strange ideas about new technologies, which is presently impossible.How would it be, if we could have the pyramids of Egypt in our drawing room? how would it be if we could make a world tour by sitting in our homes?.. Am I behaving weirdly? Is there something wrong with my thinking? How can I control my passion for technological inventions, and make it more accomodated to practical life?

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Jun 22, 2016 08:40 PM

    Dear use, from your discussion, it seems that you are in a stressful situation as long as you put yourself in a very difficult corner, I can understand your interest and concern in new technology, but you shouldn’t exceed your capabilities and your knowledge to avoid overwhelming yourself in a close dark tunnel. I strongly recommend you to understand your strong points and the limits of your capabilities and not open the window to your imaginations which might increase your stress and anxiety, you can consult successful people in technology around you to guide how to handle your thought. Avoid engaging in extraordinary or supernatural thoughts which might lead you to miserable situation. You can focus on achieving goals and ideas to feel good self-esteem that will increase your ambition to proceed forward. Take care