Is thinking of saving money always, abnormal?

22 Jun
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I am too much thoughtful about saving money. I hate wastage of money; more I hate to spend on useless or less utilitive goods. I always grumble over channelized expenditure. I always plan for saving more and more. My family, friends and relatives often scold me and get irritated with my behaviour. They think I am always blocking their wants and interests and likings. I cannot make them understand my point of view. Everybody tells me, "what will you do with money? we earn to spend". Is my way of thinking wrong? Am I becoming a maniac for saving money? What can be the possible reason why I always think this way, and fear to spend?

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Jun 22, 2016 08:21 PM

    Dear user, to save money for the future life events is not bad thing in contrary, you should save money for the coming days which is unclear how it will be. However the money has very important purpose in our life, not to save money when you have a lot of life goals to be achieved e.g. if you have responsibility on family and you have children, parents and so on, you should feed them, provide them with all necessary life needs. If you responsible for dependents you shouldn’t save money on their account i.e. not to deprive them from their basic rights and needs. In general, you can offer dignity life and respectful surrounding for you and your family then you can save money, you should be generous when the situation demand this great character. I think if you comfort with your life with this behavior, you shouldn’t listen to the criticism around you and become upset. Take care