I always feel that people are criticizing me behind my back, what to do?

02 Jul
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Whenever I am in a group, I feel awkward. I feel as if people are speaking bad about me, mocking me, or ridiculing me. In short I feel everyone is criticizing me. This is a feeling of insufficieny, I feel low, down in self-esteem. What do I do to boost myself up, and feel more confident? This thought is pulling me into depression.

Slowly I am starting to fear getting into meetings or interactions with others. This will affect my work, what do I do?

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  • Aditi Srivastava
    Aditi Srivastava   Jul 02, 2016 02:56 PM

    Hello there,

    Thanks for sharing your concern on this forum.

    It is very common to have social anxiety and low self-esteem among young people. Mingling with new people, talking to them or communicating on public platforms can be an issue in such cases.

    Try to accomplish following suggestions/pieces of advice/recommendations:-

    Be yourself, you are UNIQUE and you do not need to look like or talk like others, in ant situation.  It is important to make yourself understand that you have qualities that make you different  from others  and made you what you are today!

    Recognise your strengths, You must be good at a number of skills... hardworking, sincere, good looking  (you must be aware of them) or discuss with your family about it 

    Dress well while going to the office, public places, pubs, or parties. This raises confidence level.

    Communicate more, meet and talk more often with friends, family and relatives, getting engaged in social events will boost your confidence.

    Try doing leisure activities such as painting, drawing, theatre or sports. Go for tennis, yoga or meditation as this will support you in feeling better about your body image and improve your esteem while mastering the game, skill or sport. 

    Next time you have the party at home, try organising it independently without any help.

    During festivities, call or go to meet family and friends.

    Release negativity from your life. Negative thoughts have not done any good to anyone ever, so why to let them enter your mind, body and soul. Distract yourself from negativity. Whenever you feel low at the work place, go to the washroom and ask yourself, do you really deserve to feel low? What mistake have you done due to which you should feel Bad about yourself?

    If your peer tries to make you feel low, better leave such friends and look for new ones.

    Try to find core reasons that make you feel low and eliminate them completely!!



  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Jul 02, 2016 02:20 PM

    Dear User, I passed through the brief details in your message, it seems that you have low self-esteem, and low elf-confidence. The overwhelming majority of these feelings comes from your bad image about yourself, your negative thoughts about yourself. I strongly recommend you to try the following steps. Try your best to work hardly on your negative thoughts about yourself. Look at the strong points you have in yourself and try to enhance them. Avoid underestimates your capabilities and your strong points in your personality. Try to share other succeeded people in your surrounding environments and talk with trustworthy people to help you pass this difficult period. Try to achieve some goals in your life that are amazing and significant. Share your friends, family members some of the social activities. Add some substantial changes in your daily life routine. Generally, don’t surrender to these distorted thoughts. In contrary, struggle against them and I am quite sure that you will win.  Lastly, you can consult an online therapist for further instructions and guidances. Take wise decision