Dealing With Social Phobia

14 Dec
ram singh

People with social phobia can learn to manage fear, develop confidence and coping skills, and stop avoiding things that make them anxious. But it's not always easy. Overcoming social phobia means getting up the courage it takes to go beyond what's comfortable, little by little.

  Here's who can support and guide people in overcoming social phobia:

  • Therapists can help people recognize the physical sensations caused by fight-flight and teach them to interpret these sensations more accurately. Therapists can help people create a plan for facing social fears one by one, and help them build the skills and confidence to do it. This includes practicing new behaviors. Sometimes, but not always, medications that reduce anxiety are used as part of the treatment for social phobia.
  • Family or friends are especially important for people who are dealing with social phobia. The right support from a few key people can help those with social phobia gather the courage to go outside their comfort zone and try something new.

    Putdowns, lectures, criticisms, and demands to change don't help — and just make a person feel bad. Having social phobia isn't a person's fault and isn't something anyone chooses. Instead, friends and family can encourage people with social phobia to pick a small goal to aim for, remind them to go for it, and be there when they might feel discouraged. Good friends and family are there to celebrate each small success along the way.

Responses 2

  • Oyindrila Basu
    Oyindrila Basu   Sep 04, 2016 09:24 PM

    social phobia can help a person in self-development, that is true, but he or she doesn't realise it. people view them as intellectuals because what they speak, the speak thoughtfully, however, they feel they are shy and unsmart. this notion can cause stress, panic and depression in a person with social needs, but no proper mode of expression.

  • Dr. KV Anand
    Dr. KV Anand   Dec 25, 2015 12:00 PM

    In my clinical experience, awareness is the key to treatment. Motivation about the simplicity of the symptoms and teaching the clients why they should not obsess with the symptoms, helps a great extent.

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