I am under a lot of stress. What can I do?

08 Jul
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I am a working woman, as well as a single mother. My husband and I were in Europe, working at different locations, and during that time, I felt my husband was cheating on me. I spoke to him, but he never clarified. However, I got some evidence regarding his passing affair with one of his social network friends who was from Israel. I decided to quietly settle this, because of my kids. I never wanted them to disrespect their dad. We no longer stay together, though the papers are not yet signed. Me and my 8 years old son stay in Bangalore now. He is still in Europe (I think). I am often pressurized. I want to give the best comfort, the best education to my kid, I work very hard in the office, do some overtime as well, and again after coming back, I give tutions, so that I can have some extra earning. At the same time, I am trying to balance my attention towards my kid. Everyday, I go through a lot of mental stress in this process of balancing; I am not able to sleep; I feel too tired in body, but when I lay down, I keep turning this side and that. I have tried taking a sleeping pills with doctor's prescription, but I do not support it personally, my body will get accustomed to that which I don't want. Moreover, I am panicked with my social status too. Often I have to answer relatives, friends and others around me, and I do not like speaking about the same things again and again. What can I do? I know I have to stay well in order to keep my kid happy. Please advice.

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Jul 08, 2016 01:51 AM

    Dear User, I can understand your life difficulties, it seems that you are presently under continues stressful life circumstances. However, you need support to still stand on feet performing all the needed functions toward your kid and your work and other life events. I strongly recommend you to try these steps hoping to help you overcome the troubles you encounter in your daily life. Try your best to charge yourself with hope and emotional energy. Try to do all the needed efforts to keep your life and your kid life on track. Don’t underestimate your capabilities or your strong points in your personal characteristics. Try to talk with trustworthy persons in your surrounding environments, e.g. friends, close family members and so on. Try your best to use your time in the most appropriate and productive way. Try to communicate with your husband and talk with him about your worries and scares about his acts, and the adverse consequences of that acts on him and his family. Try to arrange your sleeping pattern to avoid the insomnia e.g. don’t go to sleep if you don’t feel sleepy, don’t sleep during the day hours to have the chance to sleep at night. When you go to the bed try to practice some relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises. Try to free your mind from any provoking ideas. If you need further help, you can consult an online therapist for more instructions and interventions. Take Care