I am very much afraid of the dark. What should I do?

10 Jul
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I cannot stand without light; not even for a moment. This is a childhood problem, but me and my family thought that this will pass off as I grow up. But it never happened so. Whenever, there is a loadshedding, I start howling in fear till someone comes with a light, even when someone arrives, I dread something sinister about the person in the grimness of the shade. If it is getting too cloudy during rainy days, I get scared that something unfortunate is going to take place, or may be a devilish power with engulf the earth and I start crying; then the tube lights in my house need to be switched off. Now this often creates a problem in my workplace too. When we have to do night shifts, usually the lights are switched off after a certain time, only the light above your work place remains on, these are autocontrolled lights guided by human presence. But this shadowy atmosphere is too scary. The night guard has often caught me screaming for help; I request them not to report it to the higher management, but this cannot go on. I need to find a solution for an irrational fear. What can I do? Are there any general remedies which I can imply without medicines?

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Jul 11, 2016 12:51 AM

    Dear User, your scare seems related to certain frighten event you experienced in the past, mainly during your childhood period. Many people like you when they experienced frighten events during their life they developed such scare and unjustified fear. I do believe that you should work on your distorted thoughts to change them into reasonable thoughts through using some of these steps. Don’t maximize your fear till you feel panic or going to be crazy. Try to find a suitable solution to overcome your fears from darkness by switch on light in the place you present at work without causing annoying to the others. Try to explain your need to light to your manager to do your job in the most appropriate manner. Stay near somebody if possible till you overcome this condition soon. Don’t try to take any medications if possible, except in case of intolerable situation that be determined by a therapist. Don’t watch action films that contain terrifying views. Try to read enjoyable books or stories that contain pleasant events. Try to consult an online therapist for further instructions and interventions. Take Care.