My wife panics too much about little things.

04 Aug
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This is about my wife. She is a working woman as well as a great home maker. She is confident about herself. But she feels anxious and panicked about every small thing.

May be she proposes to buy something for the house, and my parents, for whatever reason do not approve of it; she feels she needs to solve the matter immediately and convince them, she doesn't wait, she feels she will be disapproved always.

Similarly, if her superior calls her up for something, may be to inform her about an important thing, she thinks, she has behaved incompetently and will be removed from her job.

I try to make her feel comfortable, but that doesn't work always. she often remains unhappy due to this. How can I help her?

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Aug 04, 2016 07:58 AM

    Dear User, Your wife is behaving within normal range and limits to certain levels. However, she is maximizing some other simple issues as you said which makes her feel unhappy. She might need more self-confidence and self-esteem.

    I do believe that she needs to be understood by her surrounding people in her close environment. Therefore, I can recommend the following steps to help her.

    Your role as her husband is very crucial and essential, which means that she needs continuous emotional support from you.

    • Don’t underestimate her strong points and her capabilities in life.
    • Don’t humiliate her for her reactions and behaviors even in her distorted thoughts.
    • Try to demonstrate her achievements to herself and others.
    • You can talk with your parents to be more patient and demonstrate understanding and respect for her decisions. They can ignore some of her actions and find some rationale for her behaviors.
    • Try to send a clear message to your wife to share you and other trustworthy people when she thinks to take certain sensitive decision.
    • Try to help her not to be in hurry for everything in her life and should be done according to her desire alone.
    • She should understand also that the other people around her have their opinions which must be respected and fulfilled in certain occasions.
    • Lastly, continue supporting her, encouraging her to think deeply before taking any decision, reward her and reinforce her for reasonable decisions. In case you tried the aforementioned steps and you feel that you need further help, you can consult an online therapist for more instructions and interventions.
    Take Care