What should I do? i feel totally loneliness.

14 Dec
shreya t

Hello, this is my first post!

I'm a female student doing an exchange in the second year of my master's degree at a new university in a new country. My parents have been divorced since I was still a toddler. Since that time, I have seen my father only twice. During this time, I have been living with my mom until two years ago when I moved out of our house into an appartment in the city where I studied. My mother also remarried recently.

Before my parents got divorced my father was very unattentive towards me, he didn't care for me and he never paid any attention to me generally. He behaved the same way towards my mother as well. My childhood was not a happy one as it was full of arguing and physical abuse. When they got divorced, things got a bit better from that perspective but we were still arguing with my mother almost every day from a very young age until I was about 21 years old when we moved from the place where we lived at the time to a bigger place where both of us had more space and room for each other.

Around the same time we moved out to the bigger place, I also started with college.Then I continued doing my master's degree where I'm in my second year currently. Sometimes I go totally blank and become very scared about uncertain future. I start sweating and chocking. Are these symtoms of panic attack?

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  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 04, 2017 09:00 PM


       Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your plight situation. You just feel anxious about your future life. Anxiety is the worry about your future and fear is the reaction of your current events. I can hereby suggest you something helpful, to resolve your depression and anxious.

    1. When you feel anxious you feel severe fast heart beat, sweating and shivering. You need to just stay calm and take a deep breathe in those situation. I strongly recommend you to do some physical exercises like yoga which and also meditations for your mental health.
    2. You can also listen to the music to divert your mind from the depressed thoughts. When you worry about the future you just forgot to enjoy the valuable things in your future.
    3. You can also consult some psychiatrists and counselors to cope up your anxiety. Nowadays counselors are also available through online. And I strongly recommend eWellness Expert which is the best platform to resolve all your depression, stress and anxiety and mental disorders.


    Hope it helps you!!!

    Take Care :)


  • Heena Sheth
    Heena Sheth   Jul 19, 2017 08:38 PM

    Hello dear,

    From the information you have shared, your experiences and life, in general, haven't been really pleasant. I can empathise with your situation. But I'm proud of you for making it so far, you're in the 2nd year of your masters, which is a commendable thing to do!

    According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a panic attack is the abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort that reaches a peak within minutes. It is characterized by a variety of symptoms such as accelerated heart rate, sweating, shaking, experiences of running out of breath, chest pain, nausea, wanting to choke, hot or cold sensations and moments where you feel like you're not being able to deal with a situation or being able to control things.

    Going by what you have mentioned, it does seem that you could be prone to panic attacks and periods of high anxiety. Getting yourself diagnosed from a mental health professional would be the only way to be sure. Please seek help.

    Since you have also mentioned that you are very scared about your future, you should see why thinking about makes you feel scared. Is it related to your career? or is it related to something else? You should try talking about this to someone you are comfortable with, it could be your friend or a teacher, or anyone in whom you can confide in. You can also take the advice from the experts at eWellness Expert

    All the best to you and take care :)

  • Deepika Bhandari
    Deepika Bhandari   Sep 04, 2016 09:02 PM

    Hi. It seems like you've had a lot to deal with the past few years. From what you just described, some of your symptoms do fit into the description of an anxiety attack. It seems like you're really unsure about the course your future will take, which is a major cause for anxiousness and leads to an expression in the form of these physical symptoms.

    If you want, you can try talking about your future prospects and plans to ease out some of the anxiety you feel and see if that helps. Another thing that you can try is figuring whether there are other causes of anxiety that could be contributing to this.

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