Not get emotionally attached.

21 Aug
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I'm 24... Coming to my problem...I've loved a girl for an year...but due to some misunderstanding (that to I'm responsible for that) we got separated...8months have gone by,still I'm pleasing her begging her... Blocked me n all my social media... But each day....get a new sim,tricks to unblock myself and try to msg her...but shes not giving sign of hope to respond me.... I know this is not good for myself and she is too disappointed because of me... But I can't think of anyone in that place...forcing won't work..but I don't care of pleasing her... But her adamancy is up to the roof...neither I can't leave her ,or can't forget her... Some days..I thought of letting her go...but suddenly started my old behaviour... How to get rid of not to get emotionally attached...I can't con on my studies I can't think of any other work...everything around me gets standstill except me and my mobile..texting her again and again .. I really want to come out of this...i Think I'm going to an extreme ,I can't control myself... I know I'm really possesive on her..that made me separated.. But I usually not a type of this person...I just try to avoid in seconds if they r not willing to b in my life...but in this case...I'm getting pressurelike hammer hitting on my head each second...

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  • Udani Kariyawasam
    Udani Kariyawasam   Jun 14, 2017 05:01 AM

    Hi !

    I can understand your situation well. According to the things you have mentioned you are totaly into this girl and can't let go of her nomatter how hard you tried. In relationships these kinds of things usually happen more often. If your ex-girlfriend has moved on and if she is refusing to have contacts with you then you have to respect her decisions. One person being possesive over the other in a relationship leads into consequences more often. You have to understand that this behaviour of you won't do any good for yourself. This may leads to certain negative mental conditions. Even if you put up with her somehow you have to think twice whether you and her can have a healthy relationship. It's better if you can be with friends more often and share your feelings. Go for outings, meet new people and try to make new contacts. She was someone who made a huge impact in your life. But it never means noone else can reach upto her point. Give chances to other people who are willing to be special for you. You might find one of them more appropriate to be your life partner ; someone who will suite you really well in every way. Eventhough she was so much special she was only someone who was in your life. Her absence should never make a negative influence in your life. So try to cope-up with your daily life and studies. You have to shape up your own life. Try to move on. I suggest you to meet up with a counselor. At the end decision is yours.

  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Aug 21, 2016 01:03 PM

    Dear user welcome to ewellness expert I can understand from your message that your girlfriend is determined to put an end to the relationship between both of you. Eventhough you have bothered her in certain behavior or action. You should ask yourself some  important questions! Is this girl the girl you can link your future with her? If she becomes so disappointed from one first experience, what about the coming experiences in the future, she will become disappointed in every time? According to the answers you reach you can take the appropriate reaction. You can ask a third party to intervene bridging the gap between both of you. Lastly, you can consult an online therapist for further instructions. Take Care