Sick of my behaviour

21 Aug
Name Confidential
I have the character of getting what I want...if it doesn't come to me...I do anything to make it myself... I'm sick of my character...person who knws mother sister..are sick and afraid of me... I'm dumbstruck...and I can't come out of it.if I didn't get what I want,I'm pushed into a deep state of depression... To make it simple....I saw a girl ,I want her to love me, I just formally got near to her ,bcme frnds, then proposed ,rejcted but frnds But then, I intentionally made her with an accident.. Then took care of her ...and she said ok But lie can't b hidden for long... But I have lot of love on her.,that made me do anything... Same case ,when a boy of my age mistakenly dashed n her while we r to shopping...I dragged him..beat him lyk an idiot..I can't even think what happens at that time... Later after speaking to her casually I became alright... Sick of myself...

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Aug 21, 2016 01:38 PM

    Dear user welcome to ewellness expert I think it is so great that you are insight to your problems and your behaviors. However, it is not healthy to be in this situation because this can bring many troubles to you and you might encounter endless troubles with people and with police. I strongly recommend you to work on yourself. You should train yourself not to insist on getting everything you desire. Train yourself to control your reactions in difficult situations. Try to take deep breathing before any un appropriate action. You should think of the adverse consequences of your behaviors. If you feel that you make some mistakes of other people you should apologize about your reactions toward others. You can occupy yourself in very amazing activities to help people become friendly with you. Avoid any sort of humiliation or bother others, mainly the people  close to you e.g. family members, friends. For further instructions you can consult an online therapist. Take Care