27 Aug
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So i have this bf whom i really love and i am very serious about him. I met him this year So there is another guy X who is my boyfriend old friend. They dont talk now So when 3 years ago when i went to amritsar I talked to my bf friend's the guy X for a week and i used to like him.So my bf and him used to stay together alot. So when i picture anything of that area. I remember Guy x as well, not that i dont think of my bf I dont want to remember him even as a memory. Somethings remind me of him Tho i talked to him for a week only, Sometimes some little thinngs remind me of him, And when i deliberately think about it, Then i think more. otherwise i dont and And i start panicking .I really love my bf and feel guilty. Is it something wring to feel guilty about? And also i have always had interest to show off in front of guy X but nothing in that way. Does that mean i dont love my bf? Do i need to be sad and feel guilty? I am gonna die of guilty. I love my bf. Please help me. Othwewise i will die of guilt. We are about to get married. I have done nothing wrong. And i will never di anything wrong. But even remembering about it makes me panic. I dont wanna even think about him. I really love him. Sometimes like i said i had pictures myself alot when i liekd him for a week Thats why maybe my thinking is restricted when i think of that area As my bf also lives in the same area But i really love him I coudnt even have the guts to tell him I dont want to lose him

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Aug 27, 2016 10:33 PM

    Dear User, if I understand you well that you love your BF so much and you are going to get married in the coming future. As, you mentioned that you did not do any mistake, so why to feel guilt and to punish yourself for nothing you did. I can instruct you to be honest with yourself in answering these questions. Do you love him seriously and convinced that this person is your future dream guy? Do you convince to link your future with him? Does he love you also? And exchange the feelings of love with you. These questions are substantial to answer frankly without any ambiguity. Therefore, I strongly recommend to forget about any other relationships with persons you meet in your daily life. Focus your amicable relationship with one person you are arranging to be his future wife. Take wise decision.