My life is becoming very unpredictable these days.

25 Sep
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I am 26 and my life is becoming very unpredictable these days; sometimes, I am normal, I feel good and I do my work properly, but sometimes, I am too restless about everything, this is followed with fast heart beat and it drains away my energy. small small things make me angry and terrible I react at people. Sometimes I feel my life has slowed down and is leading nowhere. Can this be a serious disease? Especially these days, I am coming to hear so much of mood swings and bipolar, I really do not want to be mentally sick. I have had a depressive phase a few months back due to my failed relationship, but I have recovered myself.

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Sep 28, 2016 12:36 PM

    Dear User, from your message I can understand your unpredictable life shape, however it seems that you passed through a difficult period of depression as you mentioned in the past. This depression period might return again if it is not treated properly under supervision of a specialist. Therefore, I want to offer some steps to you hoping to help you to overcome the difficult situations you might encounter in the future. Try your best not to deeply thin about any negative aspects in your life. Try to ignore any marginal life events that make you upset or disappointed. Many, many people passed through the same circumstances and conditions you passed, but without underestimating their strong points and capabilities. Try your best to be active in your surrounding society, sharing them with your strong and active social events. Try to find some trustworthy people around you to talk with them about your dreams and difficulties. If you tried these things and you feel the need for further instructions you can consult an online therapist for further assistance. Take Care