How can I get over my panic attacks?

11 Oct
Name Confidential

I am always in panic, that something bad will happen. If I find someone telling me something opposing my opinion, I feel this is going to continue and happen forever. If I have stomach problem one day, I feel this will last with me for lifetime now, and I panic. If I write one piece badly, I feel my writing skills are corrupt and will never get right. I am just panicking with everything. How can I calm myself? How can I be more composed?

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  • Daniel Joseph Mcguane
    Daniel Joseph Mcguane   Jun 14, 2017 03:48 AM

    Relax, Take deep breathes, Name some stuff that your good at. What all causes the panic attack? When a panic attack comes what are the symthoms of it? 

    You are Valued and loved, Walk with your head held high

  • Dr. KV Anand
    Dr. KV Anand   Oct 12, 2016 12:41 PM
    Dear user. Your problem is obsession, obsessive compulsive personality disorder and related anxiety disorder. Do you have panic symptoms like racing heart? Restlessness, breathing difficulties etc ? Comprehensive treatment including continuous counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy and medication on requirement basis can cure you. As a basic step you may start physical exercises, outdoor games and breathing exercises. Take care