My sister is suffering from addiction, what can I do to help her?

01 Nov
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She is in 12th standard, and having a group of friends who go out for partying regularly. My parents have been liberal with me, so are they with her. She used to go for tutions (as she told us) wth her friends, and we never came to know till in the last month, that they have been missing classes in the maths tution regularly for about 7 months or so. Since there had been no complaint from school regarding her studies, we never showed any over-curiosity about her private space. After the revelation, my parents were really angry, and didn't want her to go out anymore with anyone. But she is behaving abnormally, she is getting violent, frustrated sometimes and so aggressive that we fear she will destroy things or hit someone.

When I spoke to a couple of friends she has been hanging around, they informed that she is into drinking regularly with the group in the parties; I never realised this thing, when she came back, but it is true they say. My sister is now getting really restless to go out with her friends, sometimes, she even tells me that she wants to drink and that I bring it to her. I believe she is addicted, she is very young and I am really worried. How can I help her?

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  • Heena Sheth
    Heena Sheth   Jul 20, 2017 11:41 PM

    As you have mentioned that your sister is in the 12th standard, it means that she is in transitioning from an adolescent to a young adult. This is one of the most critical period in the life of an individual since identity formation takes place during this place and it strengthens. Hence her falling under severe influence of alcohol and developing strong drinking habits is not good for her. What makes the situation more critical is that she is in her last year of school and is about to start with her college education soon. Thus, immediate and effective action must be taken as soon as possible. 

    The initial step to be taken is to inform your parents about this problem. They have the right to know about it and will go out of the way to help her overcome this problem.

    As she has already been influenced by the partying and drinking life which has caused her to become addicted, the first action that need to be done is to keep her away from interacting with this group of people. Instead, make her invest her time in a hobby like dancing or playing a sport or even better, encourage her to do Yoga.

    Since she also asks you to get her a drink, note the time of the day when she asks you to do so. When do these cravings occur? Make a schedule for her that keeps her engaged in some sort of challenging activity or a physical activity so that her body doesn't feel the need to consume those drinks.

    One of the reasons why she developed the habit in the first place was not only it was something her friends used to do it and that she wanted to be more accepted, but she believed that drinking and partying was something that made her feel "alive". Sadly due to regular exposure, we see that it has harmed her. Hence, a change in the lifestyle should also be done.

    Along with this feel free to visit a therapist/counsellor for more effective guidance.

    With the support of your family and regular therapy she will benefit.

    Take care! :)

  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Jun 19, 2017 09:52 PM

    Hey Hi!!!

          I can understand your situation.First,Try to make more conversation with your sister like your childhood memories to distract her from drinking.I think she might start to drink when she was around with friends for partying and outing.Arrange some family tours to distance places to enjoy some different environment.And,make your siser to do some yoga and medidations regularly to releive from addiction to drinking.

       Being a 12th std girl,drinking is really bad for her health.also,suugest her with some good psycartist even now online experts are available like ewellness Expert.You can appoint your doctors and make a contact through chats,audio/video calls.This can really help her.Always stay with her like a good friend, are the everything for her until she lives a normal life.

    TAKE CARE!! :)

  • Roshan Lal Prasad
    Roshan Lal Prasad   Nov 01, 2016 10:20 AM

    Dear User , Thank you for writing.. !!

    Is is noticed that she has employed drinking habbit while hanging out with her friends/partying. Try to identfy such friends in her group , also try to see if any watsapp group of such friends she has in her mobile. Try to see that she spends as less time as communicating and hanging around with such friends, I also recommend to see if the same group of frineds attending same tutorial point , if yes try to change the tutorial point..   As per the information provided your sister is at 12 standard , that means she is at the transistion age were influnce of friends impact largely....(at this age the individual is likely to fall either at good portion or at the poor portion of habbit).. You parents need to give attention to your sister , I recommend that your parents should plan , hanging/shopping around at her favourate destination...