I am feeling hopeless over a period of time. How can I motivate myself?

17 Nov
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It has been a month now, that I am in this phase. I don't feel motivated about anything. I used to paint, even colors don't attract me anymore. I am dissatisfied with my tasks, my regular work. I just feel hopeless, as if nothing better or improved can be done by me anymore, only the same work of mediocre quality will appear from me. What can I do to motivate myself?

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  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Jun 19, 2017 09:07 PM


        I can understand your situation.when you feel hopeless,travel to outer world and meet some people.Make some new conversations better you can learn about life.Make a visit to distance places once in a month to make your soul in peace without any negative thoughts.Your life is in your hand.The good and bad that happens is only of your actions.

       First,I suggest you to surround yourself by the positive people and energy.That is,Paste some motivational quotes in your room.Whenever,you wake up from the bed you can start up your day with positive energy and with great enthusiastic.wake up with determination,go to bed with satisfaction.whenever,you assign some work and start up make a assurance of,"I can do it,I will do it".And also engage yourself with some time limit,to only focus your mind in the assigned work.

         Work hard until your signature becomes your autograph.Think positive and positive things will happen.Don't stop until you are done.your only limit is you.Ever,never give up.If you feel hopeless,just close your eyes for 20secs and say,"I can do anything",and start with full energy.

    ALL THE BEST!! :)


  • Aakanksha Bhatia
    Aakanksha Bhatia   Dec 14, 2016 09:38 PM

    Dear user, 


    Often in life we come across phases where we feel low on motivation and self worth. Life seems redundant, mediocre and directionless. It should be considered as a sign that things need to change!

    Following are a few ways in which you can train yourself to help you battle with lack of motivation. The ways suggested work on your thoughts, feelings and behavior. 

    Thoughts & Feelings: 

    a) First of all, focus on positive rather than negative. Try to eliminate any negative or self deprecating thoughts like "I can't do quality work" or "I am feeling hopeless". If such thoughts come to you, try to distract yourself or may be replace those thoughts with the positive ones like "I can achieve all that I want" and "I will do the best work". Entertaining negative thoughts and feeding them over time will further add to your hopelessness and lack of motivation.

    b) Next is to focus your thought power constructively on how you can achieve what you want from life. Evaluate your thoughts and try to find out the reasons for your dissatisfaction with your output. What stops you from performing your best? Think how you can eliminate those distractors and work upon it.

    c) Till the time you don't really feel motivated, act as if you are motivated. Tell yourself that you are positive and confident about your work. You will see that in no time it becomes a reality for you. 

    d) Avoid comparisons. Set realistic expectations about yourself in your mind. 


    a) Make a list of the goals you want to achieve in long term as well as short term. Based on those goals, make a to-do-list everyday which is simple and realistic. Don't overburden yourself. Take small steps and do not rush for immediate results.

    b) At the end of each day, evaluate your performance. Track your improvement and reward yourself occasionally for your achievements.

    c) Try to do the difficult tasks first so that you don't have to worry about them the entire day. Completeing them first would motivate you for the easier tasks during the rest of the day. 

    d) Get your mind and body in tune - Eat nutritive food and sleep well. Do your bit of exercise. Soothing music would help you calm your mind.

    e) Make sure your room and office are decluttered. Clean them up as if you are cleaning up the mess in your mind. Open the curtains and let the fresh air come in. 

    f) I always recommend this. Try to read some motivational autobiographies, listen to Ted Talks, put up motivational quotes around you. Knowing that other people have been in similar situations and came out strong gives a lot of hope and motivation.

    g) You can also offer your volunteering services for any cause that you feel for. You will realize how fortunate and well placed you are. At least you are in a position to help someone. It will boost your confidence and give you hope to work forward. The added satisfaction and smiles will energize you further. 

    h) It's time to start loving your hobbies again. Pick up those brushes and colors and give it a chance. 

    i)  Be perseverant in your actions. Don't give up midway. Keep working hard towards your goals with motivation and enthusiasm and you will surely succeed. 

    Remember, defeat is not when you fall. It is when you refuse to get up. 

    All the best!