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22 Dec
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My father seems to have bipolar disorder. For 5 to 6 months his interaction with people will be very less, very calm and quiet, won't prefer to go out and mingle with people. Where as in the begining of December month he gets very irritated, short tempered, lack of sleep, wakes up around 2am. He won't sit at home at all, speaks a lot with people. Due to this behaviour he sometimes end up in very serious disputes. This stage last for 4 to 5 months. He is not willing to go and consult a doctor regarding this and get very furious if we try to convince him to visit a doctor. He is now 71 years old. He is suffering from this from more than 40 years. Is there any way we can handle this situation?

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  • Divija Bhasin
    Divija Bhasin   Jun 14, 2017 01:24 AM

    Dear user,

    I would suggest that you go to a doctor and talk to them about it even if your father refuses to go with you. He may or may not have a disorder. Going to the doctor will help you get more clarity on the situation so you know what to do. In case he does get diagnosed with bipolar disorder by an actual doctor you may have to get him admitted to the hospital for a couple of days. Once the medicines are given to him, he will feel better and might even be willing to take them on his own. I understand that living with a person with bipolar disorder may be hard but I need you to be patient and understand that his odd behavior is all because of the disorder and not what he really is as a person. His resistance to medicine may even be a part of the disorder itself. You can also take him to the doctor under the pretense that it is you who is visiting the doctor for an enquiry about yourself and not about him. Tell him that you feel like you have some psychological problem and want his support and he might just come with you. I hope my answer helped with your problem. 

    Take care!

  • Shruti Jayakumar
    Shruti Jayakumar   Jan 05, 2017 05:53 PM


    Firstly, I wanted to enquire if your father has been formally diagnosed as a bipolar disorder or some other form of illness since some of the symptoms experienced by your father as stated in your question seems to be indicating signs of dementia  or some other form of personal distress as well owing to his age.  Hence, I would recommend you to get a formal diagnosis of what your father is suffering from a psychiatrist. I understand that it can be challenging to convinve your father to visit a doctor. However, one method of convinving him to visit a doctor is to enquire if he is currently experiencing any physical symptoms such as headache , lack of sleep  which is affecting his daily life (since you had mentioned that he was feeling irritated etc.) and taking him to a  general physician. When the physician enquires about the case history of your father regarding the causes of his irritation, lack of sleep etc. from you or your father directly, the doctor will be able to clearly decipher whether your father's symptoms are due to any psychological causes/ illness. I am hoping that your father would be convinced to approach a physician initially.  Do let me know your thoughts !