First time im posting here.A little about me and why I am posting;

I have come to believe that I have been depressed most my adult life.
I am 26 year old.
I have smoked cannabis all my adult life, which I am really starting to believe may well be the cause of most of my problems.
The main reason I continue smoking is the thought of boredom when I am not high in my free time, plus I really enjoy it, it is an escape from this mean and greedy world we live in.
I used to have many friends in my youth, whom I have distanced myself from, and can no longer say for sure I have any true friends that I can rely on with this kind of stuff. I don't think it is fair for me to discuss this stuff with my family, I portend all is well, why burden the people I love with my problems.

Suicide, isn't something that I contemplate much, it is rare. There are definitely things in life I want to experience and live. I think I am particularly good at keeping myself entertained, hence why I have been silent for years.

More recently though, and as I get older. I am starting to surrender to the fact that I may need some help..

I have never talked to a doctor about depression. I've always been reluctant to in case I am prescribed some bullshit medicine/pills that just make things worse.

Any advice or similar experience would be appreciated.