Is it important to plan out our entire lives? Is spontaneity wrong?

01 Jul

We have our whole lives planned out for us since the moment we are born. There is a time and schedule for everything. It is not often that we are allowed to just be. We are inevidently just made a part of this rat-race that seems to have no finish line. Where does one stop? Do we keep planning each and every minute of our lives or should just go with the flow? Take upon everything in our stride, when and how it comes? Also, does making plans and achieving our benchmarks really make us happy? 

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  • Prasha saggu
    Prasha saggu   Jul 01, 2017 11:41 PM

    Hello dear,

    Leading a perfectly planned life or believing in spontaneity, seems confusing but interesting. 

    Our parents and the society wants us to follow a pattern and lead a "happy" life. Our life is planned to get a good schooling, come out of school in flying colors and get into a "decent" college which is to be followed by a good job.  We are always asked to plan our schedule and go according to it. Yes, that is important but to what extent. Did newton ever plan to discover gravity?Was the discovery of X-rays ever planned?Did pavlov ever plan to study conditioning? And the list of such serendipity is endless. Having no plan in mind, these amazing people managed to achieve heights that people can't reach despite perfect planning. Sometimes it is alright to not have a plan and go with the flow. Life has already planned alot for us, try to give yourself some time to discover what life has in pack for you. Sometimes it is alright to not get into a "decent" college and just follow your passion even when you don't know where the path may lead. Sometimes it is alright to have faith in your luck and follow your dreams.

  • Priya Ratti
    Priya Ratti   Jul 01, 2017 10:36 PM


    You're totally right when you say that our lives have become fast paced. Everyone has a plan, something or the other that they want to achieve; people know where they want to go, and with increasing knowledge and aareness about everything in general, I believe there is a lot of empowerment happening in this area. 

    But yes, our lives are a little too planned and yet, we're all somewhere caught in this terrible rat race of the world. It starts as soon as we are born, and doesn't end till we die. I must say here that more than half of these expectations and plans are forced upon us by parents and society. Our culture leaves us absolutely no room for being spontaneous, and I'm talking in the broader sense here.

    For example, in developed countries like America students consider going to college as a choice. Concepts like gap years taken by students are a common thing to hear, while in India, it is seen as a major diversion from that'll keep a person from achieveing his career goals. 

    Though there is room for spontaneity. Eventually our lives sort themselves out, through the good and bad; so rather than worrying about all your plans ggoing haywire, it is better to live in the moment and experience what is in front of you fully and wholeheartedly. We need to learn to allow ourselves that much leverage. We really need to give ourselves time to just be.

  • Minaish Dhabhar
    Minaish Dhabhar   Jul 01, 2017 09:58 PM

    Glad you asked this question. The answer is, absolutely not. 

    It's nice to plan things to a certain extent but life tends to take things into its own hands once in a while and learning to cope with that is an important skill in life. 

    Don't be afraid to make plans, they motivate you and are healthy. But always be open to changes. (:

  • Shriya Naidu
    Shriya Naidu   Jul 01, 2017 05:27 PM


    I understand that it can be a bit too much in a competitive world to keep competing always and looking at it from a third person’s perspective it sometimes makes no sense. I believe that one should do what suits them best. There are people who love competing and there are people who don’t. Indian parents love to tell their children what to do next, for example get first rank in school, study engineering, get married, raise a family and after you’ve done all these will they let you form opinions of your own and let you decide on your own (not all parents). Some people know what they want to do or at least know what they don’t want to do in future and are brave enough to break from the cycle and do something that everybody isn’t doing (such as take up psychology even if people keep saying that it’s something related to being ‘pagalo ka doctor’). The doctor’s designation doesn’t help there. There is no harm in breaking the chain and doing what you want to do but there is no harm in following the pattern either.

    When you talk about achieving, it differs from person to person. It could be academic achievement, personal or social. The whole point of schooling is to prepare you to be able to face the world so it doesn’t matter who’s first or second. All that matters is that youre able to live a satisfactory life up to your expectations.

  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Jul 01, 2017 03:54 PM


       Hope you are doing well.Planning our life will sometimes make us to feel frustrated,if something happens without our plannings.Everything should be done without any planning.thinking of our future will  make us not to enjoy and live our present.The future depends on what we do in our present.The past is where you learned the lesson.The present is where you are learning a lesson.The future is where you apply a lesson.

         Look at the present you are constructing,it should look like the future you are dreaming.And also,Expectations always hurt us.So,we should expect our future to be planned like our plans and expectations to live a better happy life.Man only runs for his basic needs and necesasities.But the truth is the needs of the man always goes on and it doesn't end with a boundary line.Don't tell people about your plans show them your results.

    Hope,it helps you   :)

    Take care

    APOORVA PANDEY   Jul 01, 2017 01:18 PM


    So basically all through the life some people tend to have a very planned life, everything set out in advance while some on the other hand take things as they come their way. I feel that there is no need to be bound in  either of the categories. Be planned but make space for spontaneity as well- you never know what surprises life throws at you at different points of time.

    it is true that planning provides one greater stability and peace of  mind but at the same time one tends to miss out on various life opportunities.

    Spontaneity doesn't guarantee one as much stability but ensures that one maximises one's potential and 'live life to the fullest'

    A careful balance between the two must be maintained. foe e.g., you may decide that you need to have a job by the age of 30 but may be not set out a full fledged plan on what you will do when you turn 30 - make space for spontaneity here.

    This way we can make way for spontaneous decisions without leaving oneself too vulnerable at the same time.


  • Rinkle Jain
    Rinkle Jain   Jul 01, 2017 12:39 PM

    Hey there,

    Personally, I think that a person's take on spontaneity depends upon his/her early  childhood  experiences. We all have different upbringing and that upbringing has a great effect on our perspective towards life. Those who have had a relaxed childhood filled with opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them do well with spontaneity. Contrastingly, the kids who have had a rigid childhood and parents with the need for perfection often tend to plan things out and set goals as spontaneity makes them extremely uncomfortable and can also sometimes give anxiety. However, it is important to know that no approach to life is wrong or right. Few people function well by goal-setting while others function well in spontaneous situations. It is important to understand as a person that which approach suits us the best. Being something that we aren't often leads to issues and crisis. If following a certain set of rules, schedules or timetable suffocates you, it is okay to break free and make your own set of rules. Of course that comes with a price since the society controls us more than we know. However, the important point here is that it is okay to be spontaneous. Just because the society has a set of norm to follow, it is not necessary that it right for each and every individual. Going with the flow is sometimes the best solution to the situations you can't control.

  • Manaswini Venkateswaran
    Manaswini Venkateswaran   Jul 01, 2017 09:54 AM

    I'm not saying we should plan life out to the very last detail, but we should have some idea of what we're going to do. A basic outline, so to say. This is just to guide us. Planning things in too much detail restrict us and it can be upsetting if things don't go according to the plan that our hearts were set on. 

    So yes, plan things out but only as far as it's practical. Leave your options open, leave some scope for change. We change a lot more than we think. What you want to do now may not be the same as what you want to do a year or two down the line.

    However, make sure these changes don't take you backward. For example, when I was 15, I knew I wanted to opt for humanities in class 11 and 12. Back then I wanted to do English, but after class 12 I changed my mind and wanted to study Psychology. Right now, in my final year of under graduation, I'm considering a career in content writing. However, I don't have to retrace my steps and start from scratch for any of it. 

    Hence, be practical but don't close your mind to new ideas. 

  • Shena Shaikh
    Shena Shaikh   Jul 01, 2017 09:51 AM

    Hello! I hope you are doing well.

    While it is essential to have some structure and organization in our daily lives, it is difficult to orchestrate every minute, of every day. The task in itself is time consuming and tough. It is highly protective in nature to plan out how you would like to live every minute. It fails to account for contingencies, and contingencies always occur.

    It is a great character strength to be able to take things in your stride. Not all the time, will the tides be in our favour. Acknowledging a mistake or a failure is a key step towards success. It is important to never stop learning and growing.

    Planning goals or setting benchmarks is different from minute daily planning. Goals are important as they help you define success. Goals can be both long term and short term in nature. Short term goals help you see immediate results and often build towards your long term goals, which serve as what you want to attain most in life. While setting goals, one must remember to be realistic and flexible.

    Achieving goals can give people a tremendous sense of accomplishment and happiness. However, it is not limited to it. More crucial is how we react in the face of failure. In order to be happy, you need to define what that means to you. You are your ultimate source of happiness. You can find it in you. Even if you have yet to attain x goal or x benchmark, you can find it.

    We are all default participators in the rat-race. But you can choose to opt out. Your definition of success need not be matching the pre-cut definition of anyone. It is your life. You need to take control of it and decide how you want to live it. So take it by the reins, and guide it in the direction you wish to see yourself in.

    Take some time out to identify what happiness means to you, where you'd like to see yourself in 10 years and most importantly, what kind of a person you'd like to be. Place yourself and your mental health above the pressure and you can help yourself grow.

    All the best! Hope this helps :)

  • stuti kumari
    stuti kumari   Jul 01, 2017 02:16 AM

    Hey there,

     The question that you just asked is subjective ,however planning our moves helps us to stay on track but planning out our whole lives from the moment we are born is not easy infact is next to impossible as you never know what will happen next. for example- you might have planned a romantic dinner date with your partner and suddenly just an hour before it you are met with an accident,something no one could have imagined.

    All the happy moments in life are those that are unplanned and a surprise from live, they are the real blessings. However achieving one's goals with the help of your planning makes one feel more than happy, after all  it is the fruit of your hardwork.

    As someone rightly said" don't take your life too seriously, you won't come out of it alive."Just live and enjoy all the little things and pleasures in life. Whatever god has planned for  you will come to you and what he hasn't just won't no matter how hard you try. So take a back seat and just have fun in live . Stay happy and stay blessed always.

    Take up on everything that comes your way, never miss any opportunity you don't know what effects will it have on your life. 

    All the very best.