Are you a victim of racial discrimination?

01 Jul
Radhika Goel

I recently saw Hasan Minhaj's episode name 'Homecoming King'. He extensively talks about the racial discrimination he has suffered on account of being brown and an immigrant. He describes the conservative thinking of not only brown parents about parents around the world. That made me wonder about the times when I have suffered on accounts of it. Not outside my country, but within it. Not from froeigners, but by my own friends and family. Everytime we are told not to engage with someone because of their religion or their class. Everytime we develop notions and judge a person according to their surname. How do we change this?

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  • Rashmi Kalra
    Rashmi Kalra   Jul 02, 2017 04:38 PM

    We have all been there, haven't we? 

    You have light skin tone, they tell you why are you so pale?

    You have dark skin tone, they ask you who'll marry you?

    The latest trend? I don't know if you have ever witnessed this in the matrimony ads but people call their daughters having 'Wheatish' skin tone! What is that? I mean, you're either white or you're brown which again is insane. We are all beautiful in our own ways, our color or the community we belong to do not make us a human being; people discrimating amongs each other on the basis of these criteria, they aren't humans, they are Racists! 

    And Racists do not belong to any category of a good living being.

    This subject is so debatable when you every try to talk to your elders about it. It's impossible to change their notions and judgments on some communities and their people.

    Like, say for example a friend of mine called a Muslim friend of hers for lunch. I remember her telling me about the tantrums her grandmother threw that day. She wouldn't allow her to call the Muslim girl home or even when she anyhow under her son's pressure agreed for the friend to come, all the utensils she ate in we're burned.

    I mean, what was that even?

    We all are made of the same anatomy, we all the same skin and we are born on the same planet. Then why judge them for their community or their color or any immorap grounds?

    It can only be stopped if you talk to your parents/elders about it and help them understand the stupid practice called Racism!

  • Shriya Naidu
    Shriya Naidu   Jul 01, 2017 05:06 PM


    Racial discrimination is prevalent everywhere and more so in India when people are judged by their colour, caste, religion, beliefs etc. but one must understand that these differences are accepted by many too and that is the reason why Indians are able to function. In the early days the people lived in communities and each community had its own customs that differentiated one community from the other. The marriages were conducted within the communities to avoid mixing of customs.

    This idea has been continued as our elders believe that they should follow the rules that they have been taught to follow as youngsters. They sometimes forget that society is dynamic and rules change for that attitude towards them also has to change. There are people who still have an extremely prejudiced opinion about Muslims because that happens to be the commonly followed religion in Pakistan and many Indians are sour about the partition. To end racial discrimination we have to stop teaching it to our children. Things like discrimination are learnt by observation by children. If younglings note how the India-Pakistan situation is they will learn to behave in that way whereas they have no reason to because the partition never affected them personally.

    Discrimination occurs from prejudiced thoughts. If these thoughts are changed among the people who discriminate, discrimination can be reduced. Prejudice can be decreased by the following

    1. Providing knowledge. With sufficient knowledge people can understand that the thoughts they had about a certain group of people may not be true
    2. Decreasing division. By separating the society by birth, caste, colour etc there are higher chances of discrimination
    3. Social connection. Increased social connection with different groups may reduce the negative ideas they hold about each other provided they are from the same social class.

    Hope this helps!

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