How to choose a friend ?

01 Jul
Megha Shah

We often are very open to new interactions. Sometimes these interactions turn into great freindship. We are often even told by our parents as to what kind of freind we should shave and how to choose freinds. So does it mean that we should not be open to others and have a long checklist or prior expectations from someone who we barely know. Should be gaurd ourselfs from any new social interactions, if our expectations are not met? Should there be boundries in freindship or should it be a free relationship? And how much to give in?

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    APOORVA PANDEY   Jul 02, 2017 08:37 PM

    Well, you must have heard this phrase a couple of times, but may be the answer to your question lies in the following phrase ' A person is known by the company he/ she has'. If our freinship ties are so important in our lives, it clearly follows that one must choose one's friend really very carefully.

    Not saying that we must have a checklist of all the traits that we want in a friend and make friends strictly according to that, because that will inhibit our chances of growth since we will be surrounded by the same kind of people, but still there needs to be some sort of screening. There are certain values that are really very integral to us as individuals, something that we can never compromise. Friends must be such who never force you to compromise on any of these. We cannot be judges of how we want others to be or who is 'worthy' to be our friend, but we must see that we chose such people who do not make us feel uncomfortable or in any way cause us to be different from what we really our. So long as they fufil this condition,our checklist of qualities really doesn't matter.

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