Is it really so difficult working with idiots?

02 Jul
Nihalika Verma

I recently came across an article on Whatsapp, stating that the major reason of stress these days at work is working with idiots! It also quoted a few incidents, one woman fainted at her desk when her colleague put some important tax documents in the shredder, which he was supposed to copy!!! Another boss had a minor heart attack when his subordinate deleted some major sheets, putting them in the recycle bin, and emptying it permanently stating that he thought the bin could be recycled. He thought he could get back his documents even after deleting them permanently? 

This also resulted in increased work pressure other than the idiots.

So, is it really alarming to work with idiots? and how to deal with these idiots at work?

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  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Jul 03, 2017 08:20 PM


        Hope you are doing well.To be mentioned clearly,Working with those idiots increases our stress and anxiety.It makes us to be in frustrated mood and later we hate to do our job and lose our passion and there will be a disimprovement in our job.So,to come across those idiots,we should do our work by yourself.We should not assign our tasks to someone else even he/she is a clever or brilliant.sometimes,it may leave as to be in danger.

    So,Selfhelp is the best help.we should prepare a schedule and complete our tasks with focused concentration,so that we can complete it with more credits.Even if sometimes those idiots will leave us in the plight situation.To rid from that,we should handle those situation in calm and should resolve it with our cognitive abilities.Be calm and polite.Be kind and talk with those persons about the situation,handle with calm.

    Take care!! :)

  • Aishwarya K
    Aishwarya K   Jul 03, 2017 12:15 AM

    Hahaha! I find your question and the scenarios that you described very funny. But I bet it might have been pretty stressful for those that actually experienced it.

    I can even relate to it a little bit. So, where I was working previously, I was assigned the task to train the person who will replace me. She was a slow learner compared to me. It took her double the amount of time that it took me to learn the responsibilities that she was supposed to handle. She was not tech savy at all. She did not know how to use hashtags, she would leave a space between the hashtag and the word she wanted to tag, so the word never ended up being tagged. I used to think that this is common sense and everyone is supposed to know how hashtags work, right? I mean come on! It took me a lot of time to teach her to how make changes to our website and etc.

    I used to get slightly irritated when I had to repeat the same steps again and again. However, as we went along, she suggested new and different ideas on how to approach certain tasks which brought about a lot of improvement. This made me realize that although she isn’t tech savy, she is makes up for that weakness in other areas of the job. It made me realize that everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, it made me realize that it is in indeed MY JOB to train her well so she can be better at her job. Then I took it upon myself to be patient with her and train her in the technical areas where she was lacking.

    So, these people that you are calling idiots just have some weaknesses in some areas like all of us do! We just need some support and training to get better.

    APOORVA PANDEY   Jul 02, 2017 08:23 PM


    So basically working with people who take long to understand instructions( or do not understand at all) , those who end up doing the work incorrectly or messing up even simple things , can be really very frustrating.

    However, such people can be effectively managed.

    it must be ensured  that such people have properly understood all the instructions for carrying out a particular work. This is a necessary prerequisite.

    May be at the beginning they shouldn't be allowed to take up tasks independently but assist others and learn how to complete tasks correctly .

    We must also figure out if these people are real 'idiots' or acting to be one. It is often see that people who do not feel like working often perform tasks incorrectly so that no duties are assigned to them in the future. It is necessary to identify such people.

    Most importantly, keep a calm and a cool head. No matter how important it is , a piece of paper cannot be as worthy as compared to your life. So if one is such that one takes so much tension  that raises their blood pressure to an extent that they faint- sorry to say but such individuals are idiots themselves. If you are surrounded by fools, it is important that you do not act as one.

  • Melissa D'souza
    Melissa D'souza   Jul 02, 2017 01:02 PM

    The term idiot is very subjective. There are difficult people at work and there are challenges but calling someone an idiot cause they fainted or other factors is exaggeration. One needs to understand other than qualification and degrees, efficiency and quantity of work matters. 

    Stress arises not only from 'idiot co-workers' but also from time spent,amount of work,additional duties,personal goals and risks the job involves. Research support exists for the above mentioned factors. The whatsapp article is a personal view as there appears to be little to no research support for idiot co-workers being the reason for stress;Instead if we were talking about difficult co-workers,yes stress increases.

    There's enough challenges at work for an employee and it only worsens when your co-worker further complicates your work. In such cases, written instructions should be given rather than verbal. Verbal ones can be interpreted in  multiple ways and hence to be on the safe side always give written information. 

    A company must also have a mental health professional at site,given the fact stress in corporate setting is on the rise and mental health of employee should be treasured as it furthers benefits the company if the employees has good health.

  • Sameeksha Pavaskar
    Sameeksha Pavaskar   Jul 02, 2017 11:47 AM


       This is definitely an alarming situation.But I don't think that these people are not idiots they just lack in proper training and knowledge.It is also seen that these people might commit mistakes blindly as they may not have the enough focus towards work.As they say that, there are people who may have certain traits wherein the person might only follow the instructions which are given to him and won't actually think about it.These people can't really cope up with the real world.

       As far as the people who have hired them, they should see to it that the extent to which the employee has the understanding about particular things it can be anything from just xeroxing the papers.The foolishness can definitely put a company in great trouble.The best way is to train everyone to handle the 'stupid situation'.It's not the person which is leading to the person's health issues but it is the situation.A better command of the situation can lead to better results.

        As far as important documents go the company needs to have a backup option of some kind the things can't really function without that.The higher level authority personnel need to be trained in ways they can actually handle these kinds of situations.

  • Shubhanshi Singh
    Shubhanshi Singh   Jul 02, 2017 09:22 AM


    Calling someone an 'idiot' is little derogatory. I don't think anyone wants to make mistakes, they just happen to do so unknowingly. You can call them careless. Maybe the guy didn't know quite understand what the women asked him to and he couldn't ask her clearly again out of hesitation or nervousness, it means the women might not be too welcoming to subordinates. The other guy had learnt something wrongly, it could happen to any of us. Infact all our mistakes occur because we have our facts wrong, should we be called idiots too? I guess not. Nobody likes to be called an idiots, it shreds away self esteem and respect which could be one reason why careless people never try to work for it, they have accepted their role of an 'idiot'.

    I know working with such people gets on our nerves. Their lack of understanding and foolishness makes other people suffer along with them. 

    I suggest, the company holds a workshop about how to do basic chores of the company. They give you breaks and a cafeteria where coworkers come together to develop interpersonal skills to bridge the distance gap among employees. 

    If it is known that a certain person is bound to make mistakes, you can always give the person little responsibilities. When he excels with the small responsibilities, you can switch to bigger ones. You can even keep an eye on these individuals when they are performing a task. 

    People learn from mistakes. Don't lose your calm just tell the person what he did wrong and how it should have be done. Be polite.