How to build patience

02 Jul
Minaish Dhabhar

Hello everyone,

This is another question related to self improvement. So we all know that patience is very important and plays a large role in a number of our social interactions. 
However, it's also becoming something that a lot of us are starting to lack in our fast paced lives. 

So I'd like to divide this question into two parts - the first, how do we build up patience in ourselves and become more patient people? It's not easy but why is it so important to try anyway?

The second, how do we inculcate patience within others, like our friends, children, parents even?

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  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Jul 03, 2017 09:10 PM


       Patience is like an art and sculpture which is to be carved with care.Patience is not about waiting else a ideal state its about how you react.A moment of Patience in a moment of anger saves you hundreds of regrets and sadness.when things don't happen in a right way,just think that it takes 6months to buid rolls-royce and takes 13 hours to build toyota.So if you are in Patience then you are valued more.Have Patience with everyon but first with yourself.

    And also Patience is not the ability to wait,but the ability to keep good attitude while moment of patience may ward off,but one moment of impatience may create a disaster and ruin your whole life.To build up a Patience,I can suggest you something,

    1.Do some yoga and medidations regularly which helps you to increase your self-esteem level and self-confidence.

    2.Be calm whatever bad happens.Keep only one thought in your mind,It will also pass way.Life is not a answer paper with only definitions and derivations,It's a newspaper to be read daily with good and bad things.

    3.Make your life a stress free life.You should be care of yourself with releif of strtess,depression and anxiety.

    Hope,it helps you

    Take care:)

    APOORVA PANDEY   Jul 03, 2017 08:05 PM


    Well, to first answer as to why need to be patient is simply that we are 'social animals'. Nobody will ever be ready to tolerate our bouts of impatience. Nobody is patient enough to handle our impatience. This will definitely lead to conflicts which may lead to our isolation, which definitely none of us wants!. Thus patience.

     Well inculcating patience can be a tough job. It largely depends on one's self determination and a will to wait for better consequences . To answer how to be patient and how to inculcate the same in others, I would simply want to say that one must always keep the consequences of not being patient in mind, before one acts. One must understand that impatient decisions give rise to troubles, something that one would never want to get into.


  • Melissa D'souza
    Melissa D'souza   Jul 02, 2017 09:18 PM

    You have rightly stated that we are starting to lack patience in our fast paced lives.This is seen in the way people react when there is a minor delay in arrival of services or poor wifi connectivity.

    How do we build patience in ourselves.The process itself is a painstaking one. We prefer remedies that are quick e.g Doing drugs to ellevate our mood instead of making efforts to improve our situation cause the former provides faster relief than the latter and is also immediate. But we all know that thee latter has long term gains.

    How do we learn to be patient?

    -Encourage ourselves to take our lives slowly and steadly and not rush.

    -meditate.our minds needs to be at peace.

    We can inculcate the same in ourselves as well as in others by reading stories(folklores) ,watching shows which speak of benefits of being patient,encouraging others  to speak about the time they witnessed the beenfits of being patient, etc.

    Putting up quotes on patience will also make a difference.

    I hope my input on this has been helpful.



  • Priya Ratti
    Priya Ratti   Jul 02, 2017 08:26 PM


    I am so glad that you raised this question, because lack of patience has become the single cause of so many perils that are polluting our society! Even issues like road rage stem from such lack of patience. We definitely feel that there is a need to address this.

    As you said in our fast paced lives, no one has the 'time' for anything. We're all rushing, mostly late, to our work, or to one thing or the other. In midst of all this, I believe one needs to take a deep breath, and look at what we have inherited from our rich Indian culture and heritage- yoga and meditation.

    No exercise, no aerobics or zoomba classes can replace the kind of long term impact yoga and meditation have on our bodies. It is so soulful, so serene. Yoga aids the holistic development and exercise of the body while meditation ensures the wellbeing of the mind. Moreover, meditation helps bring about so much patience, and aids the development of focus and concentration in our minds. 

    Doing meditation and yoga is a solution like no other and I'm very sure that they will have long term positive impacts!

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