How do you see yourself in your parenting role?

02 Jul

Recently a joke on  whatsapp caught my eye.It went something like this:

Reporter: How are you managing to bring up your child?

Mother: By staying offline one hour per day.

Behind the apparent simplicity of this joke, what lies beneath is a bigger question- what kind of parents will we grow up to be, considering that today's generation is so tech savy and at the same time very ambitious. Just wanted to know if our generation in their roles as as a parent be able to take up their  parenting roles effectively? Can 'compromising' for the kids become a parenting strategy for our generation as well?

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  • Melissa D'souza
    Melissa D'souza   Jul 03, 2017 10:41 AM

    Another joke can be,

    Person-''How do you manage to bring up your child?"

    Parent-"By sending our kids to 'n' number of classes." 

     Being surrounded by technology is a boon to the current and future generation.However there's certain bane is the same.Lack of time spent with our near and dear ones,excess dependence on technology etc.As a result our personal lives are compromised.

     Parenting is subjective and personal.It constitutes a system of values,ethics,ambitions,parenting styles as well a the cultural orientation. In the 21st century this is complexed by the advent of technology which is advertised by "your luxury,just a touch away".Sure,this is going to meddle in parenting,but it all comes down to a parent.

    Rather than compromising,if one can effectively use thier gadgets for limitted time which they set for themselves,it'll work. Compromising comes in question only if the parent has set the technology as a priority instead of their children.

     As future parents if our priorities are our children even though we are surrounded by advanced technology,we will do fine.laughing



  • Prasha saggu
    Prasha saggu   Jul 02, 2017 09:48 PM

    Hello dear, 

    Your question is really interesting and i would love to figure out what kind of parents would our generation be like. As studies reveal, addiction to social media leads an individual to develop narcissistic personality and if thought upon, we are definitely a generation who are self-centred and we have seen cases where we starting avoiding our parents and family since the inception of social media into our lives. Not sidelining what an asset internet and technology is to us but yes it may connect us to people hundreds of kilometeres away but disconnect us from those sitting just beside us. If that is what it is, we may turn out to be self-e grossed parents, the ones who believe in the permissive style of parenting and we all are aware of the consequences it brings along. 

    But trying to look with a positive viewpoint, responsibilities do change a person. And when under the pressure to create a human and help him/her grow, one may learn to give up a bit on our technology dependent lifestyle and focus on the kids better. Only time shall reveal what we may actually end up to be. 

    Take care.

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