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  • ritesh chaudhary
    ritesh chaudhary   Dec 28, 2015 12:02 PM

    Positivity is always related with action, not thoughts. The word means as a measurement tool of how fast you travel in the Grey area from thought to action. If you really want to be positive, you have to practice the act of start acting on all your thoughts. The plus points are many. You will find it is difficult to do as you have so many thoughts, so you will take a conscious decision to shun away the thoughts on which you cannot act upon. People say the great achievers have always had great concentration, focus. How to develop the focus unless you act on the thought? What i am trying to say, if you think your book shelf needs to be arranges, you have to immediately do it. But it is not possible to arrange the whole shelf if you have a date in 30 mins. so what you can do is arrange at least 10 books, in that way you have started acting on it as well as will not be late for the date. This continuous process would help you convert thoughts into actions and stay positive. 

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