I am tired of this kind of nature.

24 Oct
Mandavi Pandey

I feel very helpless when I am surrounded with many people, and all are discussing and I am not verbally participating. It’s not that I don’t want to I just mentally can’t do it. I am tired of this kind of nature .I just don’t know what to do.

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  • Oyindrila Basu
    Oyindrila Basu   Sep 04, 2016 09:30 PM

    It is generally a situation when you are an introvert person by nature. Fear of criticism may not be the reason always. You may not realize that you are a keen observer, so if you are quiet in a discussion, you are basically imbibing the knowledge of all your mates, information intake is also a quality. Don't be upset. another thing is that, in a discussion generally 2-3 opinionated groups participate, and your personal opinion may be unbiased, so you keep quiet thinking that speaking might be too diplomatic, which others may not appreciate. in a such a case, never fear to put forward your opinion. keep in mind, "I don't care after I leave this place", and you will find more enthusiasm to be social.

  • Deepika Bhandari
    Deepika Bhandari   Sep 04, 2016 09:01 PM

    It's very common for people to feel that when in a social situation they'll be criticised for their views which sometimes stops them from participating in the discussion. The first step can be analysing why you refrain from participating in the discussion, that's simply looking at when you're in the situation, what's the major thought playing through your head.

    Once you have the reason, you can move forward and see what you can do. A good technique in any situation is to go step by step. Say if you're afraid that you'll be perceived as silly and criticised your views, you can start by reading up about random topics, this will help you form your opinions and give you tangible proof that you know the topic (if the topic of discussion and what you have read coincide). The second step can be you start by expressing your views on social platforms, where you can do so anonymously if you prefer that. The third step can be participating in discussions with a few people you're comfortable with and then expand to a larger circle.

    I'm not saying that this will be easy. It will require investing time and considerable effort from your end, but hopefully it'll work.

  • Dr. KV Anand
    Dr. KV Anand   Nov 06, 2015 02:32 PM
    Dear, do not worry about this. Worrying could create more problems. I am sure you are not always like that. There are occasions where you speak. This is your basic behavior and don't try to change your basic behavior. Keep your behavior and change your attitude towards your behavior. You will reap benefits. Take care.

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