Boarding school or day school which one is better?

03 Jul
Sameeksha Pavaskar

As we know parents don't have a lot of time to spend with their kids or they can't invest a lot of time in disciplining the kids.In this case, is sending kids to a boarding school a better option?Can it help the kids in a better mental development and can it lead to a better personality?Is it better to go to a day school?Which out of the two schools will reduce the stress level in the parents?

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    APOORVA PANDEY   Jul 04, 2017 09:07 PM

    Well to answer your last question first, definitely sending the child to the boarding school reduces the stress level of the parents. No matter how odd this sounds but it' s true. Today parents send their kids to the boarding not so much for a 'good schooling' or to make them 'independent' than as to compensate for their inability to provide the child proper environment, love and care. Once the kids are off to the boarding school, less self blaming by the parents and hence less stress!

    However this is something one must ponder over. Kids as young as class 1 are sent to boarding schools. When I first moved out of my home, I was 17, I was a college going student and yet being away from home wasn't at all easy. You can very well imagine what effect can sending to boarding schools have on the psyche of the kids.

    There is nothing more than a kid requires, than the love and affection of the parents. Taking out time for them shouldn't really be made a very big deal. If you have kids, it's your duty to nurture them along with you, not away from you.


  • Nihalika Verma
    Nihalika Verma   Jul 04, 2017 12:04 AM

    Hello Sameeksha,

    Truly agreed that the parents these days do not have much time to spend with their kids. But, honestly, they need to find out time and create some, to spend with the children. No person or school or day care can replace the presence of parents in child's lives. When we know we do not have time, then instead of finding out alternatives, why don't we call upon help? Why don't we get in touch with our parents or in laws. Our people will definitely do a better job.

    Yes, boarding schools and day care are the need of the hour and we have to rely on them. Both these options, truly develop the personality of the children, but they do not get the love and affection they are due for.

    In case, we are not able to get help, then why don't we leave the full time jobs and take up part time of work from home jobs. We can do this till the children grow up a bit and are ready to take care of themselves.

    Jobs and career can always wait. Moulding a child's life and moulding it the right way, is the only purpose of the parents.