How do I manage my time?

05 Jul
Radhika Goel

Like everyone else in today's fast paced world I find it extremely difficuilt to manage my time. 

Experts suggest priortising is the first step towards time management. My problem starts right there I do not know how to prioritise. I cannot comprehend what should be done before and what after. No matter what I do, I always end up doing the opposite of what I should have been doing. How do I get out of this problem?

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  • Aishwarya K
    Aishwarya K   Jul 08, 2017 03:48 AM

    Hey! Have you heard of the pomodoro technique? There has been lots of research done on this technique and it is proven to help you with your time management! In short, the pomodoro technique helps to divide your day into 25 minute time slots. There is a 5 minute break between each time slot. In the 25 minute time slots, you need to focus on your work with full attention. This means that you need to keep your phone away, stay away from social media and any other distraction. You should completely focus on your work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break in which you should rest. This increases your productivity and allows you to manage your time well so that there is a work-life balance.

    The first step in this technique is to take 5 minutes in the morning to plan your day and set your goals. You need to decide what tasks you will work on and estimate the amount of time it will require. Then you need to organize this amount of time into pomodoro sessions of 25 minutes each.

    Soon after planning your day, you can begin your pomodoro sessions. After 4 pomodoro sessions, you need to take a longer break for about 20 minutes. Then you go about repeating the same process!

    You can click here for a more detailed explanation:

  • Priya Ratti
    Priya Ratti   Jul 06, 2017 05:18 PM


    I know how hard managing time can be, with all the distractions around us. But really, if you put your mind to it, I'm sure you'll be able to manage your time effectively and get all your tasks done. First off, I believe your primary focus should be on making a list. Write down all the things you need to do and the time you need to finish them within. It is better that you allot a diary or a journal to this very specific task. Once you jot down everything that needs to be done, arrange it in the order of importance. This will help you know, and see the tasks that need your utmost attention, and the ones that can be put off. So you will be able to give your time to the most important task in one day, and the other less important tasks tomorrow. 

    Also, when you know the things to do, you can make a time table, allotting time to each chore. But make sure your time table is flexible; i.e., it gives you enough time to relax, to do what you like, and time for leisure along with time to get your work done. It is crucial to make a time table that doesn't only suit you but also works for you in the long run.

    Another thing is to minimize your distractions. The steal so much time off of our days. Sometimes when you sit to study, you just think you'd check your notifications for five minutes and then get to work. Sadly, we know how long those five minutes last. So, switch off your phone, when you're doing important work. If you make your time table properly, allott time separately for things like this so it doesn't bother you during the time you are working.

    Hope this helped!

  • Nihalika Verma
    Nihalika Verma   Jul 06, 2017 05:11 PM

    Hello Radhika,

    It's great that you have realised what your shortcomings are. And it is ok if you do not know how to priotitize, because this happens almost with everybody.

    So, dear the first step to prioritize is to write down the pending tasks. So, now start with the unimportant tasks or rather not immediate important tasks. For eg, if the task list include practical file sheet updation (for college), getting groceries, an exam next day and updating parents over the phone over the fee deposit. So, not so immediate task is practical file, which can be done may be tomorrow. Groceris can be brought by another friend who would be going out. Speak to our parents and update them in a short call, and study for the exam for the next day, as that is the most important task at present.

    Another example (if you are working) now the task sheet includes a tracker to be submitted at end of day, another details to be sent ASAP, one employee meeting to be conducted, documentation of some documents. Now, send the tracker ASAP, another details to be sent can wait. Coordinate for the meeting and continue with documentaton.

    This skills will be enhanced with practice.

    Hope this helps. :)

  • Shubhanshi Singh
    Shubhanshi Singh   Jul 06, 2017 01:29 PM


    I completely understand your situation. It is difficult for us to prioritise things. How about we start with small steps? 

    Prioritise according to deadlines. 

    If you have difficulty figuring out what to do first, you can always start doing things which are to be completed in the near future. Atleast you will be able to finish the first task on time. 

    You can also priorities according to importance. It is possible that on one hand, you have to go shopping to buy yourself an outfit for a function that you have to attend tomorrow while on the other hand, you have a project to complete that needs to be submitted tomorrow, which one do you think is more important? The project, right? 

    It will take time but keep practicing to identity things that are more important to you and hold more meaning. 

    You can also ask other family members to provide you with feedback and suggestions regarding what to do first. You never know whose suggestions might help. 

    Lets say you are loaded with a lot of work on one particular day, how about you ask for help from others? Your work will be divided and you won't be as tensed. Dont make this a habit otherwise you will never learn time management. You can also attend workshops about how to manage time properly and not procrastinate. 


  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Jul 05, 2017 08:40 PM


      Hope you are doing well.I can understand your plight situation.It's really important to follow our daily schedule to perform well.So,to prepare your daily schedule you should be careful the priority and time management.So,hereby I can suggest you something to prepare your daily schedule

    1.First make sure your diary with enough spaces to schedule all your daily tasks.

    2.Prepare your daily tasks in a colourful manner like if you have so many tasks to be completed you can use red colours and less tasks can use yellow colour.

    3.Priortization is much important while scheduling.So,to priortize you can ask several questions like,Which task to be completed first?,Which task is due first?,which task has most challenging?.

    4.Once you have been priortizing your schedule then,you can do your tasks with more energy and enthusiastic.

    5.Schedule the time for each task regarding your schedule.

    6.Keep some places left to add up some more small things that may arise in following week or days.

    7.Then,complete your tasks in order of priority.

    8.Reward yourself,after you complete all your schedule in a effective manner.

    Hope,it helps you  :)


    APOORVA PANDEY   Jul 05, 2017 08:36 PM


    The problem being faced by you is actually shared by many students in our country. These points may help you out in managing your time:

          1. Try making a time table. I know that one faces a lot of problem while sticking to a time table. But try your best to do so. Even if you don't, making a time tables at least would help you actually realise how much time you have lost or you couldn't utilise properly on a particular day. Such time lost can be effectively made up on a weekend when the college is off.

    Try making a time table that suits your needs. Also include in the time table ,some activity or hobby that rejuvenates you.

    1. Don't stress out. At one time we all feel that we have lots to do, but once we are able to manage everything , we tend to become less restless and more at peace. Meditate, in order to keep your stress levels under control.

    Eat healthy. After all, a heathy mind resides in a healthy body.

    Obviously you cannot prioritize without knowing how to do so. By following the given points you may get a fair idea of how to prioritize:

    You may:


    • Prioritize your choice considering which activity is IMPORTANT for you.
    • Prioritize your choice considering which activity is URGENT for you.
    • Prioritize your choice considering which activity INTERESTS you and in turn gives you relief and not overburden you.
    • The task that you plan to leave out can be taken up later on, whenever you are freer or enjoy a greater peace of mind.

     This way you can manage your time wihhout stressing yourself much.



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