Work based stereotypes and how to deal with them?

05 Jul
Shruti Gupta Delhi

How can one deal with work-based stereotypes? Statements like 'this is a man's job', and 'you won't be able to do this task', often leads to low self- esteem plus lack of opportunities for women. In today's world where everyone is aware that a woman is as capable as a man is, why is a woman still considered 'too delicate' to do all the tasks?

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  • Anjali Khurana
    Anjali Khurana   Jul 23, 2017 11:29 PM

    work based stereotypes can make an individual's work life absolutely dreadful. unfortunately, women have been a target to these for a very long time, and are ill treated more in comparison to men. there is already too much work related stress for every person, along with personal life struggles, and on top of that women are forced to deal with unjust stereotypes as well. this is simply unfair and unprofessional and corrective action should be taken at once to ensure that no woman has to face this sort of agonizing situation.

    women's development and grievance cells should be set up in organizations to ensure women have a support system which they can go to in their time of need. all employees should be given basic work environment training: do's and do's, how to behave professionally and respectfully towards all etc, and the organization should ensure that everyone not only undergoes this training but follows what is learned and is in accordance with rules. this can be done by regular evaluations conducted by the human resource department. the organization should also focus on equal pay for all, which is one of the major issues all working women are facing today. it is high time men and women were treated equally and even higher time that women are paid their rightful wage.

  • Shubhanshi Singh
    Shubhanshi Singh   Jul 06, 2017 01:13 PM

    Hello there! 

    This can be traced back to evolutionary times where women were expected to sit at home and take of the family while men would go out to hunt. Gone are the days of such constraints and limitations.

    It's pretty ironic how men keep challenging the ability of women in different spheres of life, especially industrial arena. These stereotypes are based on false attitude leading to discrimination. 

    It is not fair to women for being subjected to less respect and importance when they are equally competent. If you ask a man in today's world how he thinks of women in leadership roles, he will give you examples of few successful women to justify how the world isn't biased but this doesn't not mean that women aren't facing difficulties. 

    Sexist statements passed on women have not only helped women work more towards success but also proved to be a driving force to prove men wrong. However, constant criticism can hinder a woman's faith and confidence in herself. It is seen that it's not only men who undervalue women but few women also lack the ability to appreciate the hard work of other working women. Women must raise each other instead of being each other's enemies. Once they are united, they can take over the world. Men will acknowledge the role of a woman if superiors start giving women equal opportunity to flourish. 

    The most important thing is that women do not lose their focus and get demotivated by such remarks which are passed out of threat to male ego. 


    APOORVA PANDEY   Jul 05, 2017 09:13 PM


    May be this is one of those areas in which the society's perspective has undergone a tremendous change in recent years and this is really commendable. Jobs such as the police, military which were always considered a man's task, today quite a few women are making their own place in such jobs. However, we must also admit that the number of women in such areas are far less than what should have been. This clearly reflects the hitherto mental attitudes still operate in the society in the form of gender based stereotypes.

    Well,to break the stereotypes awareness must be generated/ How women have excelled in all the areas and how they are no way lesser than the other sex, must be told. Much of this is already being done. And because of this only I am personally very hopeful that very soon we will be able to eliminate such gender based stereotypes.

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