Dealing with Separation Anxiety Disorder

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  • Prasha saggu
    Prasha saggu   Jul 06, 2017 11:35 PM


    It is just today that we dealt with a similar case of a10 year old girl with anxiety disorder.As soon as she got to the chair, she starting crying. When asked about the reason, with tears rolling down her eyes, she said that she is scared of losing her parents. She cannot stay at school as she gets these strange feelings of losing her parents. She felt better after counselling and mind relaxation techniques. Separation anxiety disorder is a condition where the child feels nervous and fearful  when away from home or a loved one.SAD (separation anxiety disorder) is prevalent in 6-7 months to 3 year old children who may not benefit much from counselling or may not cooperate with the mind relaxation technique instructions. Though mild form of SAD need not require treatment and may the child may eventually get well on its own. But the main focus of treatment in severe form of anxiety is to reduce anxiety in child and make the child feel secure and safe even without the parents and most importantly, to make the child and family realize the importance of natural separation. 

    CBT is found to be most beneficial for such cases. When the client (child) cannot be the subject of the psychotheray, it is the family who should be talked to and counselled.

    Take care.