How can we help someone who is emotionally numb?

08 Jul
Aishwarya K

Often it is observed that after severe levels of stress and nervousness a person can become emotionally numb. Too much of anxiety due to severe stress can leave a person drained out which may lead to a complete lack of emotions. Emotional numbness causes a person to feel disconnected from their surroundings. How can we help people who feel emotionally numb? How do we make them feel the emotions again? 


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  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Sep 18, 2017 12:52 AM

    Hey there! I hope you are doing well.

    I appreciate your concern for raising such a genuine question that actually meets enlightenment because I believe there are so many people who are emotionally Numb to say. It has become a curse in Modern Times where everything is so open to criticism and so open to reviews that if you are not able to express yourself we're kind of look down upon and we do not really have a say in the society and people find us oflo intellect just because we are not able to express ourselves as good as them. But the problem here is that it is important for all of us to realise that if a person is not very extrovert or very outward towards her opinion that does not make her or him number 2 in experiences they do have a heart is well and they do feel things just the way we do it says that they do not Express as much as we do and that is absolutely normal. We can help such people in so many ways the first thing can be that we can talk to them and maybe in their comfort zone so that they are able to exercise how to become an extrovert which should help them also they can be motivated in a safe environment to speak up so that they can adapt to the reviews of the society.

  • Radhika Goel
    Radhika Goel   Jul 10, 2017 04:20 PM

    Hey, hope you are doing well.

    Emotional numbness due to severe stress is a major problem, not everyone suffers from this. This indicates that a person has gone through something traumatic or daily life has become overwhelming for him/her. I highly recommend that you convince this person to go see a psychiatrist/psychologist. I do not think anyone else would be in a place to help them without the fear of making the situation worse. 

    You could try and cheer them up and help them see where the problem is. Like, are they having difficuilty managing time or is there any situation that is giving them extra anxiety or is there a relationship they have begun to fear? There could be a mixture of reasons for their state of mind. Thus, you could try and make them see that they do have a problem and then encourage getting professional help.