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22 Jul
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Why is the party culture so important among the youths? I am just about to enter the second year of college and I have seen this trend among everyone to simply party and have a good time. There is nothing wrong in having fun, but the extent to which they go to? I don't think its normal. Many accidents happen due to this, lots of social pressure into doing things that you don't want to, issues related to sexual abuse and rape, and getting addicted to drugs and alcohol are also some of these issues related to this. So then why is there no control over this? It is very prevalent in the western countries, but is there really nothing people can do to tame it down? Should colleges and high schools conduct interventions among these students? What can be done to convince your friends that it is not always important to indulge in certain activities in the name of fun? I really feel like the innocence of people have just diminished and the younger you are, the earlier you are growing up. 

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  • Nimisha singh
    Nimisha singh   Aug 05, 2017 11:22 PM

    Hey there.

    I agree with you that party culture privaling these days affected the young minds and also has got them addicted to various maladaptive behaviours like excessive drinking, taking drugs and smoking which may create biological problems.

    Also not everyone wants to party and follow these activities but due to peer pressure and our need to affiliation and the need to be a part of the group forces us to indulge in these activities.

    We can control these activities by creating awareness,also by explaining the importances of living positive life, its not that going to these parties are wrong we can minimise it can control it. Also we should not forget us inner self ur motives in life should not pay the cause of these activities. teachers ans counselors can play an active role in this by creating awareness in classrooms and through organising camps, etc

    Parents and friends can be more influencial .

    I hope this helps.


    APOORVA PANDEY   Jul 29, 2017 11:07 PM

    See there is no harm in partying and I see no wrong as to why one must refrain from celebrating one’s joys along with the friends, when there is actually a reason to be happy. The problem is with the word ‘culture’. It denotes a ritualistic adherence to something without going into the depths of it. Most people today throw parties, because as you have mentioned, it has become a ‘culture’. It has become a status symbols sorts of. Rather than celebrating one’s joys , it has become the precursor to various kinds of crimes , rapes and sexual abuses. Thus a reform has to be brought in the very mentality associated with the parties and not question the need of them. People , when they are needed to be most conscious and share other’s success, get drugged instead and commit awful crimes. There can be various ways of celebrating. Probably, consumption of alcohol or use of drugs always isn’t the best option available.

    More than anything else, something like this requires self-regulation rather than external punishment and intervention. Once when people get to know the real motive behind get togethers and partying may be then they will be enjoy it in the real sense.

  • Mehak Ahmed
    Mehak Ahmed   Jul 25, 2017 06:50 PM

    I understand your concern, however the key here is moderation. Partying, drinking and getting high only to an extent to which one can handle and is not negatively affecting one's life. Secondly, associating all parties to issues of sexual abuse is unfair and somewhat an overexaggeration. Usually I see people take basic rational steps while partying, like if they know they might get drunk they'd make sure they have a close friend with them to take care of them or like girls going to parties where they know people whom they can trust. And yes, this is a western concept, then again with time things change and evolve and we need to accept it.

  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Jul 24, 2017 06:59 PM

    I liked the last sentence wherein you mentioned about losing innocence and younger people trying to grow up very soon. Can't help agreeing with you.

    Coming to the answer. College and high school can play the intervention part to make the young children realise about the adverse consequences of partying. Also the parents and psychologists can also play a major part in this. Also it is because of the former's lack of control over the child which can lead to such problems.

    And yes, friends can also help towards making their peers stay away from such stuff. But I reckon, peer groups may or may not make any difference. Rather it may further add more of children interested in partying (if the non-partying children would not persuade properly)

    I think it is absolutely up to those who are into it as children at that particular age do not want to be controlled by anyone. The right set of intervention strategies are important.



  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Jul 24, 2017 03:36 PM

    Hey there!

    Hope you are doing well.

    I agree with you that partying culture has created a lot of niunsance these days. I'm sure majority of the people get involved because of peer pressure and the fear of being outgrouped. Besides,the problem is that we want to adapt to western culture without sticking to our roots. Most of the people who adapt to this party culture come from backward areas and have recently shifted to urban areas therefore they think this is how life is and find it essential to be in-grouped. From there the vicious circle begins.

    We all have been to such places and experienced the senseless act from binge drinking to merry making in extremity. Young adults are also found guilty of engaging in wrong deeds under alcohol or drug influence and then face consequences later.

    It is our age to enjoy and we should not be stopped by authorities. Meanwhile,we are young enough to be guided so I find it essential that there should be guidance at institutional level,at least,since a lot of people get trapped into the party life because they are migrants and do not have any support in the city. The counsellors should be available and must provide lectures,once in a while for awareness.

    Hope this helps.

  • Devanshi Padaliya
    Devanshi Padaliya   Jul 23, 2017 12:32 AM


    Here i would like to appreciate your concern for your peers and youth for indulging in drugs and developing other bad habits. And according to me the problem you are stating is worth mentioning but the things which you are looking as causes for these problems are not the reality. 

    Here i would like you to look at this issue through a different point of view. Try walking in my shoes, you might understand what I'm trying to say. 

    As you said there is nothing wrong in having fun. I would like to state that, Fun is to enjoy. Fun is to feel comfortable and happy of what you do. So when you say fun, it might be going out and partying for one and reading a book in their pyjamas for other.  So what seem wrong to you might be enjoyable and worth spending their time for other collegemates of yours. 

    One thing,  which i am not sure why,  but some of us  actually have made youth guilty of all the  Sexual abuse and rapes caused . We have very easily blamed the problems of our society to western culture, junk food,  like chowmein for instance  and when we couldn't find anything better we took our blame game to a totally different level and said that empowered, independent and working women is the cause behind all these  havocs of our society 

    Its neither having fun and enjoying its not party

    Which are the causes for this brutality. 

    It is just how our upbringing is and how is our mentality. 

    So, I would suggest you must work to stop these ill practices prevailing in our society and have seminars in your college regarding these, rather than asking people to partying. 

  • Manaswini Venkateswaran
    Manaswini Venkateswaran   Jul 22, 2017 07:55 PM

    First off, sexual assault and substance abuse are separate issues entirely. They have very little to do with partying as a whole. Parties just provide the setting and the opportunity for this kind of thing to happen. 

    Rape, sexual assault, and molestation don't happen because the victim is intoxicated and unable to handle themselves, it happens because the abuser does not understand that people in an intoxicated state cannot give consent in the first place.

    They should be educated on the situations in which it is okay to make a move and when it is not. Only when the other person is in the right state of mind and is clearly saying yes can any act of this sort be legal. If they are inebriated or are saying no (verbally or otherwise), then they must back off.

    Substance abuse, on the other hand, is a personal thing. I don't feel like there's anything wrong with indulging in a few pegs for recreational purposes but each person needs to know how much they can really handle. Getting so drunk or high that you can't handle yourself every single time does not make you look cool and is also taxing for the people who will have to take care of you (especially if they came out to have a good time themselves). 

    Interventions by college can be one way of spreading awareness but what most colleges do is that they tell the college kids not to experiment at all and that doing these things is somehow morally wrong. This only encourages them to engage in these activities more, if anything. 

    Hence, any kind of intervention or seminar should provide facts only and not morally biased rubbish like something being "sinful" or "wrong". We cannot direct people on how to live their lives, we can only show them the boundaries. 

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