How do I stop feeling jealous?

05 Aug
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Sometimes I feel like I am not good enough and then I start comparing myself with those around me. When other people get compliments and appreciation for their accomplishments, it makes me feel jealous. I start feeling worse about myself. I know that we should not compare ourselves with others and we should only try to better our own selves, but I find it difficult. How do I stop feeling jealous all the time?

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  • Shubhanshi Singh
    Shubhanshi Singh   Aug 08, 2017 05:06 PM

    Hey there! 

    I have been there, infact I still get jealous of so many people, all the time. 

    I don't think there is a cure to it. But it's all about perspective. If you look at jealousy in a positive light, you can gain insight about your own self and grow better. 

    If suppose you compare yourself with others, you can better evaluate your weaknesses and strengths. Once you know what your weaknesses are, why not work towards it? Do something to be better about it. Learn new competencies. Be inspired and motivated to be what you lack. 

    Once you have achieved it, jump to the next challenge. 

    Dont overdo it. You also need to stop comparing yourself too much, it will only make you feel stressed. 

    Sometimes we don't realise how special we are. You might not be champion of everything but being Jack of all trades can't hurt. Being average is the best you can be. You might not see how unique you are right now, but you will soon. Besides what will you do even if you have everything? Just focus on your goals and do things that lead you to it. 

    Be motivated when you are jealous. 

  • Taarika Ratnam
    Taarika Ratnam   Aug 07, 2017 06:19 PM


    It is normal to compare yourself to others. Almost all humans compare themselves to others without thinking twice about it.

     There are a number of things you can do. Firstly you could try to figure out why you feel jealous and what environments you feel jealous in. Everytime you feel jealous you could think about the things that you have and all the good things that are happening in your life. This is easier said then done however you should try it. Everytime you feel jealous you could do something that makes you happy and that you enjoy doing. This could include writing , reading, singing anything that makes you happy. Unfortunatley you cannot get rid of the feeling of jealousy for if we could i think you would have known how by now. The feeling of jealousy is totally normal unless it prevents you functioning normally, in that case you should talk to someone. Another thing is just because you are jealous of somebody you should watch out  that you do not start being mean to them and treating them badly. This will result in you making you relationship with them bad. If you have the strenght to do it and if they are a close friend of yours, you could try telling them that you are jealous of them. They may respond in ways that you do not expect. They could say " im sorry that you feel like that " or for all you know they might even say " that's funny cause i am jealous of you". It's worth a try.

  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Aug 06, 2017 11:24 PM

    Hye there!

    Hope you are doing well.

    Please know that everybody is created equal and that God has gifted each one fo us with something special,that the other person does not possess.We often miss out on the good things in life,but God has not missed out on anyone.

    I would appreciate that you came up so boldly with such a query.Little does anyone intends to change their flaws or overcome them.So,now that you are aware of your problem and intend to solve it,you are halfway through,my friend.

    Being jealous,although a negative emotion,is a part of life.It is experienced by everyone,almost everyday.Nobody , I suppose is a staright person to not develop negative emotions.Everybody has this feeling for something or someone.It is all about how we over come it.

    In you case,you can adapt to the following meausres that can help.

    1.Try focusing on yourself rather than others.

    2.Indulge in things that bring the best out of you.It can be anything,from joining a hobby class to learning soemthing new.

    3.Practise physical workout such as yoga.It helps in inhaling positivity and exhaling negativity.

    4.Not advisable,but see the flaws in others and how you are good,or better,to say the least,in those fields.

    Hope his helps!

    APOORVA PANDEY   Aug 06, 2017 03:29 PM


    First of all, we must understand that 'jealousy' in itself is a very negative emotion. So it naturally follows that be it your best friend or anyone else, jealousy shouldn't become your defining characteristic. Well, comparing oneself with others on one side and feeling jelaous of them on the other, both these emotions apparently look similar but there is a subtle diffrenece between the two. Comparing oneself with others entails the thinking ' If she could, why couldn't I?' Jealousy on the other end includes the kind of thinking' If I couldn't, how could she?'. The former inspires you to improve yourself. The latter causes you to thunk and act negatively towards others.Undersatnd the difference.

    Jeolousy, per se, reflects in your behaviour towards others. It is bound to have an adverse impact on your relations with others.  Thus this feeling should be prevented from influencing our behaviour as much as possible. It's better to take inspiration from others and learn from them than being jealous of others. 

    May be th best way you get rid of such feelings is to try and become as successful as others. If that means doubling your efforts for the same, well then go ahead. Its human nature. No matter on how good terms are you with others, you cannot be genuinely happy for them, unless you have the same achievements as them. Just work on yourself , your jealousy will automatically vanish.

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