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  • Chronic stress leads to brain inflammation and memory loss
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada

    Chronic stress leads to brain inflammation and memory loss

    People who experience chronic stress due to bullying or a tough job also run a higher risk of memory loss, according to a new study published in The Journal of Neuroscience. People who are cons...
  • Marijuana use 'not linked to mood or anxiety disorders'
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada

    Marijuana use 'not linked to mood or anxiety disorders'

    Previous studies have linked cannabis use to increased risk of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance use disorders and psychosis, but others have not been able to replicate such findings....
  • Quitting smoking boosts mental health
    eWellness Expert

    Quitting smoking boosts mental health

    WASHINGTON: Quitting smoking after a heart attack has immediate benefits, including less chest pain, better quality of daily life and improved mental health, scientists have found.Many of these impro...
  • Thorpe reveals mental health issues since a teen
    eWellness Expert

    Thorpe reveals mental health issues since a teen

    SYDNEY: Swimming great Ian Thorpe Thursday revealed he has battled mental health issues since his teenage years as he opened up about his struggle with depression.Australia's most decorated Olympian,...
  • How violence affects children's mental health
    eWellness Expert

    How violence affects children's mental health

    CHIldren who live in societies witnessing violence may have high levels of behavioural and emotional problems, according to a US study based on the mental health of children in Juarez, Mexico -- once...
  • Tips to maintain your mental health
    eWellness Expert

    Tips to maintain your mental health

    Mental health is often negated in front of physical health. But what many don't know is that by 2020, mental illness will be the second top cause of morbidity and mortality after heart disease. How i...
  • Older adults respond to emotional terms more positively
    eWellness Expert

    Older adults respond to emotional terms more positively: study

    Press Trust of India  |  Washington February 27, 2016 Last Updated at 17:57 IST    Older adults perceive emotional terms differently and respond to them more positively and...
  • Study says India most depressed country
    eWellness Expert

    Study says India most depressed country

      Pritha Chatterjee , Pritha Chatterjee : New Delhi, Wed Jul 27 2011, 09:51 hrs A study based on the World Health Organization's World Mental Health Survey Initiative has said tha...
  • Mindfulness Can Tackle Obesity In Kids
    eWellness Expert

    Mindfulness Can Tackle Obesity In Kids: Study

    The balance in brain networks in children who are obese is different compared to healthy-weight children, making them more prone to over-eating, suggests a new study. The balance in brain networks in...
  • french people
    eWellness Expert

    French people are so 'underworked' it's leading to clinical depression

    French worker's traditional 'relaxed' attitude to work may be harming their mental health Rex French workers are so underworked they are becoming clinically depressed, according to one academic.&n...
  • how to train brain
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    How to train your brains regulate negative emotions

    Researchers are now claiming to change the brain's wiring to regulate emotional reactions with a simple computer-training task.Dr. Noga Cohen from the Ben-Gurion University said that these findings a...
  • lack of sleep
    eWellness Expert

    Lack of sleep can make your emotion go haywire

    If you feel cranky or grumpy after a night without sleep, it is because your brain’s ability to regulate emotions gets compromised by fatigue, say researchers. This is a bad news for adults who...
  • heart generic
    eWellness Expert

    Positive emotions promote heart-healthy behaviour

    WASHINGTON:  People with heart disease may benefit from maintaining positive emotions, according to a new study.The study tracked more than 1,000 patients with coronary heart disease over the co...
  • Mind maps to release creativity
    eWellness Expert

    Brain guru roots for mind maps to release creativity

    image courtesy Article taken from The Time of india news paper
  • Brain creativity
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    How emotion effect your Brain's creativity

    Emotional expression affects the brain's creativity network, says a new brain-scanning study of jazz pianists, adding that "happy" and "sad" music evoked different neural patterns in their brains. Th...
  • depression
    eWellness Expert

    10 Alternate treatment of depression

        Depression, you're either going through it or you may know someone who is going through depression.Sadly, you are in-charge of your emotions and even though friends and family may try th...
  • older lady
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    Declining dopamine may explain why older people take fewer risks

    Older people are less willing to take risks for potential rewards and this may be due to declining levels of dopamine in the brain, finds a new UCL study of over 25,000 people funded by Wellcome. The...
  • woman thinking
    eWellness Expert

    Study finds that our level of wisdom varies depending on the situation

    Photo credit: Micah Esguerra While we may think of some people are consistently wise, we actually demonstrate different levels of wisdom from one situation to the next, and factors such as whether we...
  • migrain
    eWellness Expert

    Are drops in estrogen levels more rapid in women with migraine?

    Researchers have long known that sex hormones such as estrogen play a role in migraine. But there’s been little research on how that works. Do women with migraine have higher estrogen levels i...
  • two girls
    eWellness Expert

    Research examines the social benefits of getting into someone else’s head

    Photo credit: Vladimir Pustovit Do you often wonder what the person next to you is thinking? You might be high in mind-reading motivation (MRM), a newly coined term for the practice of observing and...
  • cognitive behaviour therapy
    eWellness Expert

    what is cognitive behaviour therapy?

    Image source If you or someone you care about experience an emotional problem it won’t be long before you hear that cognitive behaviour therapy, or CBT, is probably the treatment of choice. Res...
  • 3 face of bipolar disorder
    eWellness Expert

    What is Bipolar Disorder?

      Definition Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day t...
  • arthritis counseling
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    Motivational messages boost health of arthritis patients

    Acombination of text messages and individual counselling sessions to motivate patients with rheumatoid arthritis may lead to improved patient outcomes, scientists have found for the first time. This...
  • online counseling
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    Online therapy may better treat depression, anxiety

      Washington, May 14 (PTI)|2016 Providing an online therapy may be a more effective treatment for anxiety and depression than usual primary care, scientists have found. Researchers at the Univer...