Is your kid suffering from school phobia?

school phobia

Is your child waking up with excuses every morning so that he can stay away from school? Does he often complain of stomach ache, fatigue or is making frequent toilet trips? As parents, you might be rushing to your family physician not knowing that these might just be symptoms of school phobia (school refusal). Psychiatrists in the city are seeing a rise in such cases with parents coming to seek help with their wards showing reluctance to attend school.

Earlier, there used to be handful of cases, but in the last five years there has been a rise in number of such cases. As per psychiatrists, cases with school avoidance syndrome surface during re-opening of schools or examinations. They say that there can be multiple reasons ranging from competition, parental pressure and comparison with siblings or classmates. It might also be due to unpleasant experience with a school teacher or constant nagging at home.

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