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  • Mindfulness Can Tackle Obesity In Kids
    eWellness Expert

    Mindfulness Can Tackle Obesity In Kids: Study

    The balance in brain networks in children who are obese is different compared to healthy-weight children, making them more prone to over-eating, suggests a new study. The balance in brain networks in...
  • how to train brain
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    How to train your brains regulate negative emotions

    Researchers are now claiming to change the brain's wiring to regulate emotional reactions with a simple computer-training task.Dr. Noga Cohen from the Ben-Gurion University said that these findings a...
  • lack of sleep
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    Lack of sleep can make your emotion go haywire

    If you feel cranky or grumpy after a night without sleep, it is because your brain’s ability to regulate emotions gets compromised by fatigue, say researchers. This is a bad news for adults who...