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    • Malika Bindal
      Malika Bindal   May 30, 2017 04:35 PM

      Anger is nothing but a feeling of being blocked from something we feel to be important.It is frequently frustration but as we say “Excess of everything is bad", same applies here.Though anger is sudden and involuntary action but with the help of right anger management tips we can have control over our anger.


      Just give 5 minutes daily to yourself to relax and then you will start realizing the difference yourself within a week. Meditation helps us to get relaxed and isolates us from this hue and cry era for a while and let us understand ourselves better.

      There is no list of tips to help you with your anger. Only the simplest and one of the most successful tip is given i.e. Meditation.

      So stay happy and meditate daily

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    • Malika Bindal
      Malika Bindal   Jun 01, 2017 11:27 AM

      We always been left thinking while starting a new thing that "it would not be perfect or we can not handle this" but this is all not true.These all are misconceptions that we have allowed in our mind to take place.

      I believe if we really want to achieve something nothing can stop us.Though it could take some time but always remember "right things happen on the right time" so,flush out this misconception from your brain and let yourself do what you want to do.

      Just initiate the process ,the rest of will happen automatically. Beginning is always tuff but once a thing begins it goes on smoothly with slight ups and downs.

      I hope you will aldo think the same.

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