• 01 Jul
    Shivangi Srivastava

    The sky is the limit

    The world in which we live in is filled with limitless possibilities. The truth is that we all maybe don't try hard enough or maybe we give up too easily. We humans, fail to understand our own potential. We start losing hope. It is essential to understand that there is nothing impossible in this world, and we are capable of doing wonders in our life. All we need to do is to have strong determination and keep faith in ourselves. :)

  • 01 Jul
    Shivangi Srivastava

    Be who you want to be


    We only have one life to live. Let's try and live it the right way. Please let nobody come and tell you that you're not enough, please don't let anybody come to you telling that you're not pretty enough, intelligent enough, worth enough! Do not try and live your life the way our society demands us to live. Don't try and become what you are NOT. It is your life and your only alone. Be who you want to be and trust me, that is the only way to being really happy. :)

  • 24 Jul
    Ayushi Jolly

    The future depends on what we do in the Present.


    We all have big dreams and we all intend to be successful in our life,in one way or the other.Someone wants be a billionnare,the other seeks peace of mind. However,it is important for us to realize that aiming high is one part of the goal,but working to achieve that aim is another yet crucial. What we intend to be tomorrow,we must focus on that in the present and work towards the goal. There has to a come a point when we must stop worrying about what will happen in the future or how our past is affecting us.Instead,we must focus on what we want to do in life and ensure that we are on the right track beacuse it is always better late than never.

    How to become successful is something everybody wants to know but the secret is nothing but hard work.The past is long gone and cannot be altered,learn from your mistakes,improve on them,work extremely hard for your goals and success shall be yours,always.

    The future is nothing but a consequence of the present. What we are indulged in,now is what shall shape our future.

    Do not wait for a miracle to occur,make it occur. Everyday,discover something new that helps you bring closer to your goals. Each day comes with a new opportunity to achieve your dreams.

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