• 26 Jul
    Ayushi Jolly

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

    Have you ever experienced an unrealistic feeling of belonging to a lower status or quality than others? That is inferiority complex running down your spine that paralysis most of your actions.We all are aware of it's trait but we need to realize that it can be overcomed by developing self-confidence and trust. Most of our inferiority comes from our social environment,the roots of which are planted by us only. We give space to others to comment upon us. Never underestimate your worth. Everybody cannot excel in one thing,we all have different abilities which cannot be compared to that of others. We have to stop caring about what others will think or say,it is our life,we will run it on our own principles.Do what your heart says,let everything else be background noise.We must never allow others to plant seeds of inferiority in us,we all are equals,someone excels in one thing,other at another. It is just a feeling that leads to nervousness and anxiety and does nothing good to us. Stay in your magic, without bothering about others,it is you who matters the most in your fairytale life and not the commentators. Do what you like the most,conquer your world see how the world turns topsy-turvy.

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