• 12 Jul
    Ayushi Jolly

    To love and to be loved


     The quote might be familiar to most of us but how often do we implement it as much as we qoute it.Love is considered to be one of the greatest feelings. We all want to be loved but how much do we share this feelings with others? They are also humans like us,having the same feelings and desires.Everybody deserves to be loved. The concept of love is synonymous with the fact that what goes around comes around.We give love and we ge it in return. Little do we realize that this single word has the power to change someone's life.One is who is sure of being loved shall not hesitate in striving for the impossible because he knows he will not be judged but loved. Let's take the case of an infant,he shall not fear holding the table and try to walk when he knows that his mother will not scold him for this and shall appreciate his initiative. This is the power of love. When parents allow their children to pursue their dreams,the children get so courage and believe in themselves more with ultimately leads to a better output and a successful career. Being humans we all have the hunger for love.It is natural but it is equally important to give love as much as to take it. Often, we do not undergo various tasks that we really want to do because of the fear of social rejection and that our beloved ones shall stop loving us but imagine a world where everybody gets an unconditinal positive regard and is loved despite the kind of behaviour he is indulging in,what a different place it would have been. Truly,one gets very bold when he is sure of being loved. 


  • 12 Jul
    Shena Shaikh

    You are valid

    Don't ever put yourself down, or let someone else put you down because of your mental illness. What you are going through is not just 'in your head", it is valid. Your experiences are valid. YOU are valid. Let yourself heal by acknowledging this and accepting the reality of your illness. Remind yourself everyday of the battle you fight. You are worthy of love, support and respect. Please never forget that. Don’t let anyone make you doubt your experiences or question the nature and intensity of your illness.

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