• 17 Jul
    Prasha saggu

    Positive mind, positive life.

    It is believed that we have the power to control our destiny, the universe has its own vibes which need to resonate with the vibes of an individual. Having negative mindset will never lead to positive life. A positive view always gives an individual an edge over the others as it opens doors to new opportunities. 

    Let us try to look at the glass as half full and not empty.

  • 15 Jul
    Shena Shaikh

    You are fighting

    you made it this far

    Recovery is a long drawn out, exhausting and complicated process. You may feel like you are getting nowhere or that your condition remains the same. But you have been fighting for so long. You are here, alive in this moment which goes to show just how tough you are. You have made it this far die to your fighting spirit and your resilience. Every small improvement is a victory. It helps to compare where to were, to where you are now. This lets you see your improvement. You are a fighter, and soon, it will be brighter. Just keep pushing.

  • 15 Jul
    Shena Shaikh

    Moving Forward

    pushing forward

    Some days it may feel like you have lost all hope; that there is no point in continuing to try to get better, improve your condition or fight. That is okay. Go at your own pace and let yourself heal. Let yourself get better. Take it one day at a time. Don't ever feel pressurized to speed up your recovery process. You will hit speed bumps and face a lot of frustration -some your own and some others'. But keep pushing through it all and move forward. Each day you fight is a victory. Celebrate every small improvement you make, no matter how minute. Forgive yourself if some days you regress. Be kind to yourself and always keep pushing.