• 21 Jul
    Ayushi Jolly

    Focus on the Journey,not the Destination

    All humans are travelling in the journey of life which begins as soon as we take birth in this wordly world and continues until our death. Everything that happens in between is a mere part of the journey,like snack-stops to shortcuts and unpaved roads. Often we meet with fellow humans who accompany us in this journey until their destination arrives and others stop much before. However,the ironical part is that our journey continues and those vacancies are son filled by other travellers. So,we should stop aiming for reaching our destination always but also focus on the route to the destination for it is what makes and mars us. How we travel in this journey is what decides our destination.Life isn't a written piece of fiction which shall follow a prescribed path but shall make us experince all the up and downs that will help us understand our presence in this world and how to live the fullest of it. 

    As soon as a child is born,the parents start worrying about how the child will become,from his intellect to his personality and most of the things are already decided and implemented on the child like that only. Every life is different and that is the best thing. We all are mere travellers and should assist all the people we meet on this journey.

    It is not always about achieving your goals but also about enjoying the present and what you are engrossed in at the moment. Do what you think is interesting,what you find rewarding and never what you are being asked to. The destination shall be of little use if the journey is not enjoyable and that of knowledge. Becoming a doctor is an idle dream but if the studies and practical curriculum does not interest you and is unable to bring out the best in you,then it is of no use. Therefore,it is always advisable to do something which excites us the most,meanwhile it is challengiing and gives meaning to our life. We shall not take anything with us after we die but how we travel in this journey is what we shall leave behind us. 

    Life is highly unpredictable. We do not always finish on where we started for but everything happens for a good reasona nd where we are is always better then where we thought we would be.

    The bottomline is, to keep going in such a way that the mountains cannot even stop us and conclude the journey in such a way that the world inspires us.



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