• 22 Aug
    Ayushi Jolly

    Failure comes only when we forget our ideals,principles and objectives.

    Life includes falling off and picking yourself up,all the time.Nothing has ever come easy to anybody.However,failure can be welcomed if we lose focus and forget about our ideals,principles and objectives.We must abide by what is right,based on our moral values.We must always have a rulebook for ourself that should be followed and most importantly we must not lose focus of our goals.

  • 19 Aug
    Ayushi Jolly

    Be a voice not an echo

    We all are born unique and funnily,we spend most of our time in life in trying to be someone else.This is not how it should be. Life is all about having new experiences and exploring the new opportunities available. We must focus on being the voice,doing things we really want to do,not fearing the society and voicing what we really want to do instead of copying someone else and trying to be them. There is no fun in copying but too much in doing original stuff.