• 06 Jun
    Mandavi Pandey

    7 Tips to live tension free life

    tension free life tips

    7 Tips to live tension free life

    1. Exercise- Will improve your mood.
    2. Massage-For releasing muscular tension
    3. Nature walk-Spend some time with nature.
    4. Crying –Is very cleansing and promotes relaxation.
    5. Laughter-Is best medicine for lowering the tension
    6. Thoughts-Positive thinking will reduce stress.
    7. Meditation-Spend some time in silence, each day
  • 05 Jun
    Mandavi Pandey

    Tips to Take a Mindfulness Walk

    mindfulness walk quotes

    mindfulness walk

    Tips to Take a Mindfulness Walk


    1 Sight-

    Start to notice things that have changed, like somebody painting their house or planting a plant.

    2 Sound-

    Notice the sounds around you and their repetition can be really calming.

    3 Scent-

    Think about how the air feels on any exposed skin – is it cool or warm?

    4 Thoughts-

    Think or feel without categorizing something as good or bad.

  • 02 Jun
    eWellness Expert

    9 Tips to Reduce Stress

    tips to reduce stress

    9 Tips to Reduce Stress

    1. Every day, do something you really enjoy.
    2. Get up early in the morning.
    3. Prepare for the morning the evening before.
    4. Don’t rely on your memory. Write everything down.
    5. Procrastination is stressful, whatever you want to do tomorrow, do today.
    6. Always set up contingency plans (just in case).
    7. Say No to extra projects.
    8. Get enough sleep.
    9. Organize your home and workspace.





  • 02 Jun
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    4 Reasons We Need Counselling

    need of counseling

    Why do we need counselling?

    • Something has been troubling you over a period of time, and you are having difficulty finding a solution on your own.
    • Things are getting on top of you, and affecting your well being, for example: causing depression, anxiety or stress.
    • You find it hard to talk to friends or family because they are directly involved in the issues.
    • Issues from the past are having an impact on your day to day life.
    • Things that are troubling you are having a negative impact on your relationships or work.
    Counselling can help you reflect and make sense of difficult life events and find a way to move forwards.