Quotations related to "friendships" Tag

  • Ayushi Jolly

    Real friends are like stars

    Real friends are hard to find but if we find them,they are the best thing that happen to us and they add so much color to our life.We feel that nobody is with us all the time but we go wrong here.Rea...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Choosing friends during success

    The funniest thing about success is that there are so many people who claim to become our closest friends.But the person who maintains the success is the one who  knows the difference between re...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    The only way to have a friend is to be one.

    Having a friend is a bliss,they are our non-biological twins with whom,we share the best moments of our life but friendship is not easy to maintain like other relations. It is also a two-way process....

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