Quotations related to "life-hacks" Tag

  • Ayushi Jolly

    Eagles fly alone.

    We often look at the sky and wonder how we could fly like the birds,up above the world so high.But have we ever wondered what the difference between between a pigeon and an eagle is? The pigeons floc...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Make improvements,not excuses

    The difference between a successful person and others is that the successful person does not make excuses for the things that went wrong but instead he learns from his mistakes and makes an improveme...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Fighting back

    We come across so many people and not eerybody is our well-wisher.There are so many of them who constantly try to put us down but it is important to know that nobody can make you feel inferior withou...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Enemies are the best motivators

    There are so many times when we have so many great ideas but do not have the push to implement them.The best motivation comes from our haters,for they are always there so that should provide us const...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything

    Truth is always bitter,as the saying goes. However,it gets worse if we hide it.So,we must always tell the truth. For if we hide it,we have the burden of remembering the lie and constantly focusing on...

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