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  • living life to the fullest
    Garima Agarwal

    Living Life

    This quotation really provides an inspiration for all to become the best they can, every day. One can realise their fuller potential only by taking a single step taken each new day. We can't become p...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Following the clock

    The life we are blessed with is already so small, no matter how long we live, something is always left out. So there is no point in sitting idle, even for a while, do all you have thought of, even th...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Follow your dreams

    Dreams are the only thing that keep us motivated throughout our struggles. Sometimes we have dreams that seem irrational but that does not make them impossible. The dreams must be followed and kept w...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Grow through what you go through

    Change and growth always go altogether.If we are not changing,we are not growing.Getting better in the same condition  
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Forget the mistake,remember the lesson

    We often fall prey to things and incidents in life,so many times that leave a horrible impact of our well-being.But the greatness comes in knowing that life is all about the falls and how we rise aft...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Old ways won't open new doors

    There are so many instances in life when we do not succeed and start cribbing about it.But what matters is that how we rise after the fall. Little do we realize that often we tend to be sad about not...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Sometimes you win sometimes you learn

    Life is all about growing up and old with experiences.It has so much to offer that we cannot practically take it all.Sometimes we excel in things and win,other times,we fail at attempts and therefore...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    All the late nights and early mornings will pay off

    No effort has ever gone wasted.We all have forgotten the incentives of non-monetary value,only cash rewards have started mattering which is worrisome. We all must take a deep breathe and cherish the m...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Bloom where you are planted.

    Ever wondered whether you picked up the wrong course or wrong college for higher education? Do not worry,we do not always get what we wish for. But really, what God has planned for us is better than w...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Focus on the Journey,not the Destination

    All humans are travelling in the journey of life which begins as soon as we take birth in this wordly world and continues until our death. Everything that happens in between is a mere part of the jour...