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  • mental health
    Minaish Dhabhar

    No Health Without Mental Health

    This is the foundation on which our entire foundation lies. I know we've all grown up associating health to food and diet and exercise and doctors with injections and stethoscopes and everything in b...
  • Smiling girl
    Sneha Chauhan

    Take care of your body

    Your body is your temple. It's where your everything lies. Take good care of it.
  • Sneha Chauhan

    Eat mindfully for your well-being

    Eat well to keep your mind and body fit.
  • pushing forward
    Shena Shaikh

    Moving Forward

    Some days it may feel like you have lost all hope; that there is no point in continuing to try to get better, improve your condition or fight. That is okay. Go at your own pace and let yourself heal....
  • Shena Shaikh

    You are valid

    Don't ever put yourself down, or let someone else put you down because of your mental illness. What you are going through is not just 'in your head", it is valid. Your experiences are valid. YOU are...
  • you are valid
    Shena Shaikh

    Fighting mental illness

      Mental illnesses are an anchor tied to your waist. They accompany you wherever you go, constantly weigh you down and refuse to go away. They are debilitating and leave you defenceless. Social...
  • positivity
    Minaish Dhabhar

    Keep Your Face To The Sunshine

    Try not to focus on the negative aspects of life. There will always be shadows but the best way to abolish them is to ignore them. 
  • Minaish Dhabhar

    Pain is real, but so is Hope

      There's no stopping pain from entering our lives, but where there's negativity, there's always an equal amount of positivity. Find it - if you can't, create it.
  • tips for happiness
    eWellness Expert

    Tips to boost happiness

    Planning a vacation and having something to look forward to can boost your overall happiness for up to 8 weeks! Start a journey to happiness by understanding yourself with an expert. Book an appointm...
  • how to enjoy life
    eWellness Expert

    Sometimes you just need to disconnect, and enjoy

    Somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace
  • kristen bell quotes
    eWellness Expert

    Importance of mental health

    Mental health check-ins should be as routine as going to the doctor or the dentist. "Frozen" voice actress Kristen Bell
  • girl jogging
    Mandavi Pandey

    8 Reasons to workout today

      8 Reasons to Workout Today   You will have more confidence. You will be more mentally alert. You will be happier. You will have a desire to eat healthy foods. You will have an increased...
  • why we need counselling
    Anjali Khurana

    Why we need counselling

    Why we need counselling

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